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Multiple Choice Questions generator

Multiple Choice Questions generator

Price: FREE is a service that helps you create multiple choice questions for use in the classroom or other purposes:
- It is a free service.
- It can be used anonymously.
- The test creation system is very intuitive
- This service will create a dynamic webpage

Visit publisher's web-site: Multiple Choice Questions generator

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xmlQuiz : PHP quiz system using xml file

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Web Services Tests and Quizzes XML

- Easily add, edit, and delete questions in an XML file
- Questions appear one-at-a-time, either randomly or following the order in the XML file
- Questions can be short answer* or multiple choice
- You can create your own false answers for multiple choice questions or xmlQuiz can generate multiple choices from the answers of other questions
- Add a hyperlink, image, audio, or video to each question to provide hints
- You can show users the correct answer after each question, at the end of the quiz only, or never
- You can provide explanations with correct and incorrect answers
- You can present users with one of two reports at the end of the quiz: a corrected quiz which repeats the questions and highlights the user.s answer and the correct answer OR statistics which compare the user.s performance to user averages
- Outputs valid XHTML 1.0 Strict markup
- Packaged with an attractive CSS stylesheet
- Requires PHP5

Animus FAQGen : FAQ Generator

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Web Services FAQs

This script lets you add a FAQ to your web page. Your visitors can use ask you questions through it, and you can answer those questions publicly or privately; or even with an answer that you've already given. It can be set up to match the look of your web site, so that it doesn't look weird, and can handle multiple FAQ pages.
All configuration is done through an easy to use administration page, making this ideal for people who want to add functionality to their site but aren't the most technoligically litterate.
Supports multiple FAQs, allowing you to keep your website organized.
Allows you to fully modify any incoming questions for public display so that you're not at the mercy of the asker's spelling.
Permits editing, deleting, copying, and moving the position of any existing questions and answers.
In additon to allowing you to change all colors and use a .css file, this script allows you to add header and footer HTML, so that the FAQ fully matches the look of your site.

A useful quiz system for online tests, exams & certifications

Free: No
Tags: ASP › Web Services Tests and Quizzes

- Objective questions -- multiple choice, single choice, true-false,fill in the blanks
- Time bound/ Unlimited time quiz
- Random selection of questions
- User attempt restriction
- Questions Sections/Categories
- User restriction for a quiz
- Jump to sections during quiz
- Detailed Grading reports
- Can be used as single user,web or in networks
- Questions can have images related to them
- Quiz developed in ASP.NET 2.0 on IIS6 server with MSSQL SERVER 2005 database with Web Application format.
- Detailed Admin section
- Can be easily customized

Ultimate Static Generator

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Web Services Animations

The best static generator ever! Built on my previously released Instant Static, this enhanced version comes with a multitude of new features, including transparency, multicoloured static, and an improved algorithm that makes it have less impact on your framerate.

Hosted Online Survey System

Free: No
Tags: Web Services › Polls and Voting

SurveyFactory offers fifteen question types from basic multiple choice and open ended responses to complex multi-dimensional matrix questions and file uploads, along with everything in between. All plans come with over 100 features including multiple language surveys, emailed invitations, skip/branch logic, answer piping, the ability to restrict participants, and much more. Multiple templates allow you to create a survey that complements the look of your site, or even design your own.

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Creating a multiple-choice quiz using Excel

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Web Services

Is it possible to create a multiple-choice quiz using Excel (or any other office program for that matter)? Basically, I have about 70 multiple-choice questions, which I envision users to choose best answer using radio buttons, then hit submit, and the result is calculated.
In order to prevent cheating, perhaps I could make the submit button a SendObject that sends an email with the result to my email address?

Need Help with a Formula

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Web Services

I first created a spreadsheet with answers to a series of questions. Let's say there are 10 questions and I want a final column to tabulate how many questions are answered correctly. The questions could be done with true/false or multiple choice, whichever is easiest. What formula(s) should I use to do this? I
am thinking that the final column would display a number that is the sum of the total number of right answers.

How do I set up a graph out of multiple choice survey?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Web Services Charts

I am working on my Senior Thesis and trying to take a 10 question multiple
choice survey that I had people complete and chart/graph the results. I haven't used Excel in years and I am completely lost!

Saving as HTML questions?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Web Services

Normally I would create a quick test and try saving, but I'm trying to do a project for a class I'm teaching in the next week and the computer I'm working on won't let me save documents, so I would appreciate the input.
If I were to create a simple VBA excel sheet with multiple choice answers, and saved it as HTML how would that display?
I have three sheets, one for the questions, and two hidden sheets (one for the math, one for the answers)
Hopefully it would show the non-hidden sheet and still process the VBA, but I've never done it before.

find and move

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Web Services VBA

I have a form like this:
column A
Q1 text
choice a
choice b
choice c
Q2 text
choice a
choice b
choice c
In order to produce pivot report I want to separate the question from the answer like this
Column A | Column B
Q1 text | choice a
Q1 text | choice b
Q1 text | choice c
Q2 text | choice a
Q2 text | choice b
Q2 text | choice c
the question always starts with "Q". The answer is text string. There are empty rows between the blocks. I got abut 500 rows.

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