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User-Friendly Forms in PHP

User-Friendly Forms in PHP

Price: FREE

In this tutorial I'll show you a way to make your forms more friendly with PHP, so users don't have to keep filling forms in if they make a mistake -- make your forms more friendly.

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Creating forms

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › PHP Forms

Access 2007 features an intuitive, user-friendly, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) forms design interface. This means you can design and modify the form layout in real time on the screen and preview your form as you build it.

Creating forms using wizard

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › PHP Forms

Data entry forms are the primary means of entering data into tables in the database. In a previous section, we described how to add data to a table using a spreadsheet-like view of the data. Data entry forms offer a more user-friendly interface by adding labels for each field and other helpful information.
Access provides several different ways of creating data entry forms. These include creating the forms by hand using a Design View as well as a number of wizards that walk the user through the forms creation process. In this section, we cover the basic steps for using a wizard to create a data entry form.

How to highlight the form fields using css and jquery

Free: Yes
Tags: JavaScript › PHP Forms jQuery

In this tutorial you will learn how to highlight the forms fields using css and jquery. Now a days it is special requirement to create better and user friendly GUI forms so that user can visit your website again and again. The purpose of this tutorial is to make your forms different to forms used in other websites for better user experienced. Now lets have a look over how to highlight the form fields using css and jquery

How To Create User-Friendly PHP Script Installation

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › General Development

Your scripts must install through a web page. The user should dig as little tech details as possible. If you can limit the complex work to FTP-ing the files and adding DB connection details, that would be best. Just like Wordpress does.

Making a spreadsheet user friendly

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › PHP

I have a table of properties for a database I am creating for my work (estate agent).
I want to create a way for others to sit the spread sheet by using macros etc so that the less computer literate in my office can edit and update this spreadsheet.

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Multiple select box Facebook-like Selector Widget

Facebook-like selector widget improves usability of ordinary multi-select input controls replacing them with new fancy facebook like selector, user friendly, with auto complete.
In ordinary multi-select form controls, if users need to select multiple items, then they have to click holding down the CTRL key (for Windows, the command buttonn for Mac). That can get annoying for users, especially with long list of selectable items.
Ordinary HTML select controls also are known to cause layout issues, for example if you need to put a layered div over a select, you will realize that Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and lower will still display the select box.
With Facebook-like selector, the select control is turned into user-friendly, functional, searchable, and autocompletable widget.

AJAX FormXP 2007

Free: No
Tags: Ajax › PHP Forms

If you're looking for one of the best, most powerful scripts ever developed for creating mail forms, you've found it in FormXP 2007. FormXP 2007 boasts a user-friendly interface that quickly gets the detailed job done without hassle and frustration. Custom forms for the most demanding web site are no problem with FormXP 2007 because it enables you to create complex forms--forms with an unlimited number of fields; and send auto respond messages in Text or HTML format.
The version 2007-0412 comes with Form Builder + Survey Builder + Poll Builder + Tell-A-Friend and Advance Mailing List Builder (5 in 1 package). Another best thing about FormXP 2007 is it will tell you where your visitors come from (Country, City, Region) base on their IP address.

Advance Print - Printer friendly page

Free: No

Offer a printer friendly page to your visitors. When your visitor clicks on the printer icon, they will be presented with a page with no navigation links, images or other items that the user does not require to print.
1) Instantly create Printer Friendly pages
2) No Complex scripting to be setup, just add a link to the script on the page and it becomes printer friendly.
3) Add your own header, footer and copyright messages to the page.
4) Option to remove or keep pictures.
5) Works also on protected pages (members only area)

Angry birds clone flash

Free: No
Tags: Flash › PHP Clone Scripts

- Basic Angry Birds functionality
- With sound integrated
- Cool images and animation
- User friendly interface to change the characters (Pig, Cat, Tiger whatever)
- Login / registration / Scores
- Social pluggins for the viral effect
- All characters customizable with power levels .
- Complete user friendly admin panel to manage the game and configure the game to Admins needs .
BONUS: A free super SEO friendly site to promote your Angry Birds game online

anthericaMail: Newsletter System

Free: No
Tags: PHP › News Publishing

Manage your online communication with a professional Newsletter System, which associates high profile features to a user-friendly interface.
AnthericaMail is the newsletter management system developed by Antherica Srl, a very sophisticated software, which combines a user-friendly interface with top quality informative features.
AnthericaMail is an advanced newsletter system which transforms email campaigns into an efficient marketing, communication and contacts management tool at a very low cost.

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