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Word Link Script - Ad Management

Word Link Script - Ad Management

Price: $99.00

The Word Link Script of texmedia is a pro word ad management script created to run word-cloud sites like and others. Huge features in the known quality of texmedia are included, no other word link script offers! You can create your own word link site in minutes without having knowledge in php or html. You can easily edit and customize everything via the powerfull online administration area. There are so many settings possible making this script unique! Check out the demo version and you will be convinced of this high class script.

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Link Sales Script

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Ad Management

Sell Ad Space On Your Website And Keep 100% of The Profit Using The Powerful Link Sales Script! Have you ever wanted to sell ad space on your site through companies like Text Link Ads or AdBrite? If you have, youll no doubt be frustrated and annoyed as hell that they sometimes take up to 75% of YOUR money! Well, not any more. Its a fantastically simple but powerful piece of software that enables you to sell ad space for text links anywhere on your site. And the best bit you keep 100% of the profits!

Links PPR: Links directory management script

Free: No

This script allows you to have links directory where link ranking in category and in search results is based at advertiser bids. It contains all advertiser features script for work with advertisers ( create profile, edit profile, add/modify/delete link, change bids, view stats, payment form).
It allows you to have bidded and non bidded links at directory. Paid links ranking depends on bids, all free links at the bottom of the category page.
All the links (including paid ones) require admin review before being included in the directory. Admin can show/edit/delete profile of every advertiser, change balance of advertiser, approve or decline link or/and money transaction, and email to all advertisers or those whose balance is as little as the requied sum ($5 for example - customizable), see earning stats.

Ultimate Reciprocal link exchange script

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Link Exchange

Softbiz reciprocal link exchange script is very powerful tool to help you with your search engine standing by increasing your site's link popularity. Script automates the job of exaching links with your link partners.Visitors can exchange links by filling a simple form. You can approve/disapprove the link partners request.
How is this reciprocal link exchange script special?
-Multi level organization of links
-Invites your visitors to exchange link
-Link exchange is fully automatic
-100% automatic reciprocal link validator
-Tracks traffic you recieve from link partners
-Automates job of keeping track of which link -partners are still linking to you
-Very strong admin panel

ASP News Content Management

Free: Yes
Tags: ASP › PHP News Publishing

ASP News Content Management is a simple content management news system. This script is designed to be easily integrated into your existing website. 100% web-based management. Login and add, edit, or update any information with a few clicks. The script is very easy to install, and even easier to use. ASP News Content Management released under the GPL.

Word Link - Link advertisement

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Link Based

- Create an administrative blog and maintain it using a built-in WYSIWYG editor.
- Upload background images for your word grid, giving your word link grid a more colorful, stylish look.
- Set several important characteristics for your words, like image, URL, and color/style/style. Track the number of clicks for any word easily.
- Create email templates using built-in parameters. Available for multi-lingual use.
- Create and manage infinitely many grids. Set active / busy / inactive status, adjust grid width, and set the maximum number of words per grid.
- Advanced, web-based installation script gets you up and running in no time at all (requires a web server running PHP and MySQL).
- WYSIWYG newsletter tool allows you to keep in contact with all your subscribers.
- Multiple payment integration files are available, with web-based configuration.
- Built-in RSS feeds for your most recently added words, most active words, and latest blog articles.
- Web-based settings manager allows you to configure about 2 dozen options.
- Allow users to promote your site using a Tell A Friend service.

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How to link Excel file with Word File

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Seniors / Gurus,
I have some financial figures in excel file and needs to link with word file in table form or other excel form.
Can anyone guide me how to link excel file data to word file. I want to link specific sheet to word file which automatically gets updated upon excel file exudation.

Excel link with Word

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I am creating a file that is like a menu that has descriptions in word and then I was hoping to put field link in word to tie to a spreadsheet that I could update the prices. How would I create the links in the word document to take the info from my excel file?

Link word documents to access

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I want to have an access data base and be able to write up a report in word. After I have the Report in word I want to link the report to a name on the Access data base. And I have differn't reports for each name in access types u in word so I would like to link them to there names in access.

Linking/Embedding excel table into Word Document

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I have an excel table with cells that the user will input. I need those cells to populate into a Word document that is a script. I found a way to link the cells to the appropriate positions in word, however you must save then close the word doc and reopen for the word doc to show the changes. My users need to see these changes real time. I have tried to just use excel for the script and use a second tab for the table but the formatting is impossible it there a better way?
Patiently awaiting a frustration reliever response. Thx

Link to a Word Document

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I've used Word to create photo pages.
What do I show in a cell to link it to one of these Word photo pages?

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