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K-Search - Meta Search Engine

K-Search - Meta Search Engine

Price: $109.00

K-Search Meta Search Script is a quick and easy way to start your own meta-search engine and earn money by displaying relevant sponsored results grabed from any search engine's Pay Per Click feeds or of your own sponsors.
Its helps you to run your own meta search engine where a visitor could search web, news, images and shopping related items.
The meta search engine software is 100% template/CSS driven. Customizing link directory interface does not require any PHP knowledge. It also provides an option to translate the site in any language through language file, so users could easily switch to their language (English, Russian, Latvian language files are currently available, more will be added soon).

Visit publisher's web-site: K-Search - Meta Search Engine

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Free META tag generator

Free: Yes

You can create META tags using my free, simple generator tool below. META tags are not magic and you most likely won't get top search engine results from using them alone, but they do help search engines to determine what your page is about so can help your rankings. You should use META tags along with other search engine optimisation techniques.

Live Search - Search engine for your Website

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Search

The Search Engine for your Website. You can use Live Search for smaller and medium websites. A database is not needed. The website will be crawled from the defined baseurl.
The links will be collected and the content cached so future searches are faster. Already succeeded searches are stored in files too to increase search speed.
The textparts with the found searchstrings are cropped in the search results so only the part with the searchstring is displayed (like displaying the results on Google)
Should work with every smaller and middle website
No need of any database
Pagination function
Caching of searchresults and content
Search for META -description
Search for META -keywords
Search for images
Possibility to hide images from being indexed
Thumbnail-Generation on the Fly

mnoGoSearch: PHP Search Extension

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mnoGoSearch is a full-featured web search engine software for intranet and internet servers.
mnoGoSearch software has a number of unique features, which makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications from search within your site to specialized search systems such as cooking recipes or newspaper searches, ftp archive search, MP3 search, news articles search or even national-wide portal search engine.
Our search software consists of two parts. The first is an indexing mechanism (indexer). The purpose of the indexer is to walk through HTTP, FTP, NEWS servers or local files, recursively grabbing all the documents and storing words meta-data about those documents in a database in a smart and efficient manner.

PHP Search Engine

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This search tool is perfect if you want a quick an easy way to search your dynamic websites. Simply upload the search.php file and make a form on your website like below and you're done! It couldn't be easier!
Super Fast Searches all pages on your website (even search multiple websites!). No database required. Finds matching file names, HTML META tags, url's. search INSIDE PDF DOCUMENTS! The results are sorted by relevance in a page-by-page view similar to Google. The text that displays under each search result is trimmed to a certain length so it fits on the page nicely. Any matching keywords in the results are highlighted so the user can see why that result was returned.

Multiple Search Engine Script

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Do you want to run your own multiple search engine hub? Well, our advanced search engine script uses ajax technology to integrate the worlds biggest websites into one easy to use website.
The script allows visitors to search through the best search engines, blog portals, social networks, video sites and torrent hubs.
Its really easy for visitors to use. Just select the search engine and type the search query. They are then re-directed to their selected website.

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META tags are used to help some search engines index your page, especially if your page has frames. META tags should be placed between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags of your document. The most common META tags are going to look like this:

Meta Tags & Search Engines

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Want to get a top ranking in search engines? No problem! All you need to do is add a few magical "meta tags" to your web pages, and you'll skyrocket to the top of the listings.

create a search engine

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Can I create a search engine in access? I would like to search an excel data base of names.

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In this tutorial you will learn more about meta tags when working in SEO. Basically, Meta Tags are the title or head that you decide to give to your web page

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