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Animus add before and after pictures

Animus add before and after pictures

Price: FREE

This script lets you easily add before and after pictures of your work to your web site. It will create its own gallery, so your visitors can see the quality of your work. Showing potential clients before and after pictures can be an extremely effective sales tool, but maintaining a gallery can be a lot of work. Once installed, this script takes care of all of the HTML creation and linking requirements so that all you have to do is tell it where the pictures are, what they are of, and a brief description of what happened -- saving you time to work on more productive things.

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Powerfull Dynamic XML Gallery

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Tags: Flash › PHP Image Galleries

This gallery is really powerful. You can add as many galleries as you like and as many pictures inside each galley. You dont need to edit the flash FLA file. Everything is inside XML and all pictures are external files in a folder. The only thing you need to do is to choose your pictures and edit XML files that will automatically update your flash gallery. In this new version gallery you can add pictures in any resolution.

Moving Pictures Horizontal Scroll

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- Xml driven scroll with dynamic loading pictures
- Support unlimited number of pictures and swf files
- Simple and nice mirror effect
- no need of any programmer or flash skills to configure just modify the variables in the xml file
- Useful for any flash or web project

Small Dynamic Gallery

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This gallery component allows you to quickly change every aspect of the gallery, such as;
1. Number of Columns
2. Number of Pictures in Columns
3. Width of Each Picture
4. Height of Each Picture
5. Spacing Between Pictures
6. Pictures are all pulled from images folder by name therefore very easily change out with other pictures.

Vertical Gallery

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-Very good way for presentation of any type portfolio with five smooth sliding effects. (my favorite effects are bounce for up button, elastic for down button)
-There is no limitation for quantity of the pictures that you can add.
-Without knowing any code language and without opening the .fla file you can add and remove pictures.

CreativePortfolio Fullscreen Template

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This site template is a very extended one. Here are some features: - Photo gallery - Video gallery - Dropdown menu - Fading images banner - Fullscreen scrollbar - Blog page - Contact form
All these features are XML based and very easy to edit! You can add unlimited pictures, videos, blog articles.
You will also receive the psd files with the package, so you can easily add your own logo, change the colors, make more banner pictures, etc.
You can add an unlimited number of pages. Its easy to add buttons (and menus) in the menu xml file that refer to a .swf file for the page you want to add in.

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When I sorted the spread sheet, about half of the pictures did not move with their cells, and many got overlaid on top of pictures that did not move. What will prevent that?

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