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Flash Shop Cart and Invoice Generator

Flash Shop Cart and Invoice Generator

Price: $15.00

Check out this fully functional XML driven Flash Shopping Cart !
It doesn't matter what kind of products you want to sell, this Cart will fit with a large variety of products.
Start your Flash Store today !!!
- Unlimited products
- Title and description for each product
- Price and special price for each product
- Possibility to add up to 7 colors for each item
- Possibility to add up to 5 sizes for each item
- Gift pack option for each product
- Option of listing a second product(name,description,price,special price) or accessory that appears on the same photo like the first one
- On checkout an HTML PROFORMA INVOICE will be generated, with purchased items, and e-mailed to both , the client and seller .
- Reposition in browser when resized
- Thumbnail display
- Preloading images & thumbnails
- Well Documented

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Paypal shopping cart

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1. Advanced paypal cart where you can review your shopping, and reduce/increase/delete quantities for each item.
2. Empty cart button to remove all
3. All text labels imported from xml such as CLOSE CART , EMPTY CART ITEM, ID etc
4. Check out button will send detailed list of items to paypal
You can easily set up an Instant Payment Notification system within your paypal account which will allow you to do the following:
- Customize your websites response to customer purchases in real-time
- Track customers via IPN pass through variables
- Deliver access keys for software downloads and other digital goods
- Automate your fulfillment operations
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ShopDirector - Shopping Cart

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i-shop: Free shopping cart script

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Yes, A 100% -Totally FREE- Shopping Cart Script that will have you up and selling on the web in less than 1 hour! Fully customizable and flexible, I-Shop.cgi is the webs #1 FREE E-Commerce Solution for your site.
i-shop.cgi is a modification of Selena Sol's Web Store.cgi and Richie Carey's Commerce.cgi Version 1.01. It's a full shopping cart system with pages that are dynamically created from a flat file database. i-shop.cgi incorporates features of both scripts along with improved features and functions contributed by users of both versions.

Flash XML Shop Pro

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XML SHOP PRO is a powerful dynamic shop, you can easily change all shop contents, element Colours, Buttons and Texts via XML file. Shop powered with PayPal & Bank Account Payment options, this shop includes four different modules on XML product setting that cover almost every type of product, but what they are?
Whats new in this Shop?
- Category on products, each category can be set with different shop module [PTA, PTB , PTC and also UP]
- Shop Elements Colours are fully dynamic and can be update via XML file [shop_colour_setting.xml]
- New Shopping Cart with more powerful options
- Ability of Printing the Product Photos, Prices and Information Texts
- PHP Order Form with dynamic Terms and Condition Text [This needs a PHP server]

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