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Working with Time in Excel

Working with Time in Excel

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I need to make a worksheet that will track time spent on a certain task. I need to be able to calculate time spent but some times may overlap. For instance:
9:15 - 9:30 15 minutes
9:20 - 11:00 100 unites
9:25 - 10:00 35 minutes
If I add all of these up it would be a total of 150 minutes but since some of them overlapped the actual time spent was 105 minutes.
I hope that makes sense. It seems like it should be fairly simple to do but I just can't seem to make it work.

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Working with time calculations

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When working with time calculations I am finding it difficult to subtract a specified time.
In: 8:46:00 AM C5
Out: 5:17:00 PM D5
Break: :45 min F5
Total: 8:31 =(D5-C5)-F5
The formula I used above returns an #VALUE! error

Calculating Elapsed Time within Variable Working Hours

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I am trying to work out the elapsed time stock stays in my workplace between working hours - this would be simple enough if the working hours were standard every day, but the hours change on weekends.
The hours are Mon - Friday 08:00 - 17:30, Saturday 09:00 - 15:00, Sunday 09:00 - 12:00
Calculating the time if it's on the same day is simple. I'd like excel to be able to recognize the time span and subtract the correct amount of 'closed' time from the total elapsed.
I have 4 columns - Date in, time in, date out and time out - I would like a fifth column with 'total working hours'.

Time difference w/o weekends

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me with a formula to compute the time difference
between two columns containing "Start Date & Time" and "End Date & Time". I want to compute my time difference in hours, so I use (End Date & Time - Start Date & Time)*24. When I compute this time
difference, I do not want to have the non-working time in it, that is, Friday 6:00 PM till Monday 9:00 AM. My working time definition is
Monday 9:00 AM to Friday 6:00 PM (all through Monday till Friday is considered working hrs). Please note that both the Start Date & Time and End Date & Time can fall in Working Time zone or in a Non-Working time zone. Also, the End Date & Time can be a couple of weeks away from the Start Date & Time.

Working with dates and time

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I need to calculate the elapsed time in hours from data in 4 date and time columns (date dd/mm/yy format and time in 24 hour format) e.g.
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
I need to then be able to find the average elapsed time in hours.
Manually the solution for the above is:
Average elapsed time: 43:40
As I am not used to working with date and time fields, any help would be much appreciated as I have several hundred lines of data and manually calculating this would drive me nuts.

If statement based on time ranges

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I am trying to ask that a percentage is returned whether a time
entered into cell B10 falls within one of four blocks of time. It is working for the first three time ranges, but the last one is giving me zero for all times entered in that range (6pm - midnight).
Here is my almost working formula:
50%,IF(AND(B10>TIME(18,0,0),B10<TIME(24,0,1)),25%, 0))
I think the problem is my 'false' entry, but I don't know what should be there.

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Do you suspect that company confidential information is leaking from your company but you don't know when and who?
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Script allows developers to easily embed the functionality of calculating end time from a given start time and span into in 1/2 hour increments.
REQUIRES Cold Fusion 5.0 or MX to run- Uses "CreateTimeSpan" to translate both start time and time span into minutes. That way only a simple addition is required to determine end time.-"TimeFormat" is then used to return the start time and end time back to a HH:MM based time format.-Several of the "TimeFormat" formatting options are provided with this script.

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