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Working with Drop Down List

Working with Drop Down List

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I've looked around in the FAQ and other help areas - maybe I'm asking the question wrong. (Not uncommon)
I have seen this done in the past - but I can't remember how it was created.
I have a list of room numbers - in a separate column I have a list of room names. I recall that there was a way to create the list so that if someone chose the room number from the list - the associated room name would appear adjacent to it.
Was I dreaming? Is this possible? Or is this an INDEX (array) sort of thing?

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Drop Down List Unavailable

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I created 2 drop down list. They have both been working for a month. Today they are not available. I checked Data Validation, redid the Create process. Still no drop down list in programed cells. Could I have turned them 'Off' unintentionally?

Drop Down not working

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I have a very simple workbook. Excel 2010
Sheet 2 has the cells A1 to A4 filled (this will be my list content)
Sheet 1, I create the list through Data Validation. It works. I save my workbook and the little arrow goes away to select the drop down, I must right click then select Pick from drop down list.
How can I get the click selection to stay active?

Drop Down Lists Stopped Working

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I have a workbook with a couple of drop down lists. They are done with data validation of a named range.
Data validation settings are Allow: list. Source: =Client. Which is a valid named range when I look it up. Ignore blank and In-cell drop down are both checked.
There are actually 2 different data validation settings in 2 different columns based on 2 different named ranges and neither are working. It still validates the data, as it doesn't let me enter stuff that isn't on the list, but the drop down boxes are just not showing up.
It was working fine until a couple of days ago. I did have some frozen panes which I read can be a problem. I removed all of those, saved, closed, reopened but still not working.

Drop Down list with colours

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Is there any way in Excel to create a drop down list which contains colours?
For example to show RAG status (i.e. Red Amber Green).
At the moment I can only show text in the drop down list.
Would anyone know a way of working around this?

How to view entire drop down list in Excel 2007 (Win 7)

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I'm working on a spreadsheet made by someone else. When I click on a cell on my PC, I get a drop down menu with 8 choices and up/down arrows which allow me to scroll to see other drop down choices.
When I open the same document on a MAC, the entire drop down list opens up so I can easily choose from the entire list. This is MUCH easier for me.
How am I able to view the entire drop down list on my PC?

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This is a jQuery plug-in, which helps to make beautiful sliding drop lists available in 6 color schemes.

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Simple nav with drop down menus. Easy to use with dynamic links changeable in the script. Set up to target a URL or frame label on press.

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Relational List

Relational List is a Dreamweaver extension that allows to insert two associated lists (select fields) into your forms, a main list and a subordinate list. This is useful if you need related fields into your forms, for example country/states, brand/model, etc. In these cases the second field is populated when the user select the value for the first one. Relational List executes these actions without reloading the page, through the use of dynamic Javascript and Ajax technologies. The fields’ data are retrieved from XML files. You can edit your own XML files for your form fields.
Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later

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