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weibull distribution function - graph

weibull distribution function - graph

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I need to make graph of Weibull distribution function with a = 10, b = 10 and count the modus of the function. I never did something like that.
Can you give me detailed description how to do it?

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Changing value of y a-xis in probability graph

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I'm graphing a Weibull Probability Distribution and I want to change the y-axis from percent probability to hours. Therefore I want to multiple each probability on the y-axis by 365*24. I can't figure out how to change the y-axis to these new values though, can someone help?
Area Graph of:
Wind Speed (m/s) . Weibull Probability
.2 . =WEIBULL(.2,8.5,2,FALSE)
.4 . =WEIBULL(.4,8.5,2,FALSE)

Skewed Normal Distribution Function

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Gents, some help needs.
I need to generate some sort of positively skewed normal distribution curve in excel.
Mathematically, I know that a weibull (2,0.5) curve would fit the bill.
Is there any way I could generate the data needed to do this in excel?

Weibull function in Excel

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I have a survival dataset (see below). I want to fit to Weibull function S(t)=EXP(-alpha*Time^gamma). If I use Excel Solver, alpha=0.00367 and gamma=2.32. If I use a method transforming probability to Ln(Ln(1/S(t)) which will be a linear function of Ln (t). But I got a different alpha and gamma. When I compared two alphas and gammas, the Solver results had a better goodness of fit. What is the problem? THanks
Month Probability of survival

how to draw Gaussian distribution graph

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After drawing a histogram through data analysis, I want to draw a Gaussian distribution graph (standard or reverse bell-shape graph) relevant to my frequency data. Is there any built-in function to carry out this drawing?

Creating a distribution Graph.

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How do I build a graph to denote the distribution of the Excel data?
Believe it or not, this was our boys 4th grade homework.

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~ Highly Flexible XML

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