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VLOOKUP Formula to return 0 instead of #N/A

VLOOKUP Formula to return 0 instead of #N/A

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the following formula =VLOOKUP(B16,'Number of Accruals'!A2:F1014,6,FALSE)
returns '#N/A' when the lookup value does not exist, I would like to be able to return a '0' in this case.

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my vlookup return error when the table array contain formula,ex:
=VLOOKUP(G2,plan!F:J,5,0). cells F:J contain value return by formula.

How to return a blank with VLOOKUP

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when doing a VLOOKUP to return values, I would like the blank cells to return as blank (ie. not have a 0 or N/A filled in, just leave a blank). Please help me fix this formula to return the numbers when there are numbers, and nothing if it is blank. Thank you!

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I have this spreadsheet (attached) column c has a Vlookup formula, and D has an IF formula. How can I join the 2 formula's and still return a dollar value?
I have had the C column come back as a $ value, but then I struggle to join the IF formula to it. I have a formula that adds the 2 columns together, but im wondering if it is possible for column C to have both of the formula's instead of having 3 different columns to produce the result im after?

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I'm doing a vlookup. If the value I"m looking up is not in the array I've set up I want the formula to return a zero.
Here's the formula: =VLOOKUP(C11,'Payment Matrix'!B128:C134,2,TRUE)

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