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vlookup character limitations

vlookup character limitations

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is vlookup limited in retrieving cell contents greater than 255 characters? I have a vlookup function that is properly retrieving the cell, but the text string is truncated at 255. Is there some way to grab the entire cell content or some work around to this?

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vlookup size limitations search range?

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I'm experiencing problems with vlookup and I'm afraid it's linked to the size of the range in which I look.
This is a table of 5 columns and approx 1300 rows. And records that are in row 1200 (approx) and below return a #N/A when search for by vlookup. (I tested this with changing the sorting from ascending to descending and then looking again for the record I needed.)
I must say that the file in which the vlookup is called has 6 columns of each approx 120 rows with vlookup functions.
I cannot imagine that this is already at/over the limits of excel? The version I'm using is 2003 SP2

vlookup limitations?

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with an Excel spreadsheet. I have a workbook with two sheets.
Second sheet has 5 columns and 800 rows. Columns a
Customers Street City State ZIP Code
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I was able to get this to work except when I get below the 160th row no information is pulled (N/A). Is there a record limitation?

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