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VBA to loop through Comboboxes in active worksheet

VBA to loop through Comboboxes in active worksheet

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I am trying to loop through each combobox in the active worksheet to set the value in them to blank, but I am getting error message while executing the third line, stating Runtime error 438 - Object does not support this property or method. Can some one tell me where my code is wrong?
1 Sub clear all()
2 Dim combo As ComboBox
3 For Each combo In ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet
4 combo.Text = ""

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I don't think the following will work:
Dim I as integer
with combobox & I
For I = 1 to 4
.additem "Test1"
.additem "Test2"
Next I
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How can I make this work, I assume there is some setting of objects or something I need to do here.

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The selection (range) they display often contain values with fractions - e.g. 8 1/2.
Both comboboxes display 8.5 - I'm guessing there is a lengthy workaround to use text (and that it exists number formatting that I've been unable to find).

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to solve the following problem.
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In this checklist the user should use some comboboxes to select for example the brand of some items.
Once the brand is selected I would like to show a second combo box listing only the models of that brand.
I can't do that with a userform (because end users don't like) so the lesson linked comboboxes can't solve my question.
I've already tried to adapt this lesson to my problem but I don't manage. I've used usual combobox and Activex combobox but it doesn't work.
Thanks, best wishes,

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