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Vba To Filter And Delete Rows

Vba To Filter And Delete Rows

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I have a spreadsheet that I receive weekly and perform the same "data cleaning" tasks. Being a beginner Excel VBA user, I am impressed with what I've been able to accomplish so far but I have reached a roadblock. I am trying to delete certain rows from the file. The file contains data in a page-like format so when the home system exports it to me, I have a footer at the bottom (or every 45 rows or so). I would like to filter based off the wildcard text "Loss" which is in each row, and delete these rows.
I tried this but it did not work
Selection.AutoFilter field:=1, Criteria1:="*Loss*", Operator:=xlAnd

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- Lets visitors ask you questions and you can answer them via the admin panel
- Easy to manage question and answers with admin panel
- Delete and edit answered questions
- Multiple delete with checkboxes
- Secure form validation to prevent bots and spam
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- GeoTool IP lookup for individual IPs so you can automatically find out more about the IP address in question
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Demo Login: admin , password

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