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VBA show/import picture on userform when macro has finished

VBA show/import picture on userform when macro has finished

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On a userform in VBA I have a command button that runs a complex macro in the background, is there any way of importing a picture or text box onto the userform such as a tick to show when the macro is complete?

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See attached screen.

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I am building an Excel VBA application that updates a list of people. I update the spreadsheet cells with userform statements like
Cells(rec + 2, 2) = frmRegData.txtFirstName.Value
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In case there are other ideas, what I'm trying to do is create a non-rectangular userform with a picture a s a background. As far as I know it is not possible to change the shape of a userform, so my idea is to make it transparent and then add a picture with the desired shape.
I'd like to do this in VBA since I have no development environment for making COMs or dlls.

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