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VBA code to save and close a workbook

VBA code to save and close a workbook

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with the help of Lucerne (thanks dude) I finally got my macro finished. Now all I want to do is save and close it.
I have this:
but I still get prompted if I want to save the file or not -

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Set (and Save) A Vb Breakpoint, Then Close The Wb

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I'm having trouble with some code that's run for a long time in a workbook.
I want to set a breakpoint and step through the code, etc. etc. - that kind of thing.
But I have an access database which, among other things in this process, opens that excel workbook and runs a macro ( , then excel vba takes over)
I need to set - and SAVE - a breakpoint in the excel vba in the workbook.
it seems that setting a breakpoint is cleared once you save/close the workbook.
isn't there anything I can do to set some kind of a deal in my excel vba code so that, even though another program's vba runs its application, the excel code will break and debug for me?

VB / Macro ~ Auto save then close an open workbook

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

Does anyone have a little bit of code or macro that would automatically save a workbook then close it after a preset time, say 5 mins?

Vba - Save but don't close

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I know that :-
ThisWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=True
will Close the workbook and Save. If I just wanted to Save the workbook in a macro without closing would it be :-?

Close Specific Workbook

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I have two workbooks open. (This Workbook & a new workbook opened by code). I save the new workbook and I want it to close, however, I want 'This Workbook' to remain open. Here is what I have tried:
If Workbooks.Count > 1 Then
If Not ActiveWorkbook.Name = "Exchequer S & D Log.xls"(This Workbook name) Then
End If
End if
(This closes all workbooks)
Activeworkbook.close (closes all workbooks)
These two always produce an error:
any ideas what else I could try?

open another workbook and close it after writing data

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I am currently making a survey through VBA (in work hence why VBA not VB) .I have written the code so it can collate the data via checkbox1.value=true then (range.etc.) +1
however what I need to do is collate the data onto a separate excel sheet and close (and save changes obviously) when the data has been written (need to do this as in work when anything is on the shared drive it becomes read only when more than 1 person has it open so the point of the survey would be pointless if only 1 person can access it at a time)
I cannot find any code to load another excel worksheet write my data to the assigned cell and then save and close.
I'm not by any means a pro so the simpler you can make this for me the better please don't assume I know what I'm doing as I only know the basics :

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Code Repository | Snippet Manager

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Code Repository / Snippet Manager is a place you can save all your snippets of code.
The system has the ability mix and match different looks and styles to fit you. If i’ve done the math right, there’s something like 90 different combinations of mix-n-matches – some will make you Puke, and others are stellar
Demo Login: User: admin , password: demo

pdf-FormServer - Fill and Save PDF Forms

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Save your PDF form to disk and open it again without loosing your entries.
Who has not come across the situation: You complete a PDF form in Acrobat Reader and when it comes to saving your data, nothing happens. Or worse: You close the program and all your data is lost. The reason for this is: Acrobat Reader cannot save any form field data! This is not only time consuming but also very unpleasant.
pdf-FormServer eliminates this problem in a very easy way! Once this software solution has been installed, all filled out PDF forms can be saved locally either as FDF, XFDF (for further electronic processing) or directly to PDF. No need to mention that all forms that have been filled once can be read again with the included data and also altered at a later date or send by email.

Ultimate Barcode Generator

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This project is a neat effort of creating a class that enables all kind of operations related to BarCodes, QRCodes, DataMatrix and PDF417 using simple code and API . No need to rely on external API. You can have your own API NOW !
Today is quite easy to find a qrcode generator, or a qrcode class, or even maybe some codebar generator or class. But what about a class to handle all of them? What about a class that allows us to create a image, force download or save to a location with only three lines of code?
- 9 QRCode types: Link, SMS , Email, Phone Number, VCard, meCard, Wifi, Geolocation and Bulk Text.
- 10 Barcode types: UPC -A, UPC -E, EAN -8, EAN -13, CODE39 , CODE93, CODE128 , POSTNET, CODABAR and ISBN
- Datamatrix code generator.
- PDF417 code generator.
- Option to show or hide the data in 1D Barcodes.
- All barcodes are generated by code. No external API usage
- After class initialize, one line of code does all the necessary steps and configuratios to generate code.
- Configuration of size and colors on the same one line of code generating the code.
- 12 methods. Generate, force download and save, for every type of code.
- 1 PHP processor file to generate codes via POST or GET . API USAGE .
- Support for AJAX querys via POST or GET to processor file

PC Performance Monitor

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PC Performance is a software program, which will tell you if your system processor and memory are filled to the rim. The program is small and stays out of the way. It makes it easy for you to keep a close eye on your PC's health. It monitors your computers CPU, ram and hard drive space. The options of the programs will let you change update speed and transparency. The program is really simple and easy to use.
With this software program you will never be caught unawares of your computer's condition. You will always know how much memory and hard drive space you have left and if you are about to go over. When you don't have enough memory there are many tasks your computer will not be able to perform. You will be limited as to what you can do on your computer. If the CPU fails, you and your computer will not be able to do anything. You will have to replace the computer because as a rule the motherboard is the most expensive part of the computer. When the CPU is gone, so is the computer. Knowing when your computer is close to having a problem you will be able to take some preventative measures. By taking those preventative measures you may forego a major catastrophe. You will have been forewarned in enough time maybe to stop it totally. This could save you time and money, plus a lot of stress and frustration.

Contact or Email Form - AS2 - PHP

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The most simplistic flash contact form you will ever use. This is as close as a drag and drop as you can get. All you have to do is edit one line of code and your done! You can also change the title of each line and change the text boxes color. A detailed help file is included with example PHP code to display and email information.

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