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VBA Code for Montecarlo Simulation

VBA Code for Montecarlo Simulation

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I would like to set up a spreadsheet intended for Montenegro simulations to iterate a number of times (say 100), while saving the frequency of each outcome on a separate table or graph. I know that pressing F9 recalculates the spreadsheet, generating a new outcome each time. What would the VBA code look like for this routine?

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I am looking for a generic bit of code so that I can set up a Monte Carlo simulation on MS Excel.
A Typical example would be Monte Carlo simulation for the overall weight of an item with 3 point estimates for 10 different weight elements.

VBA for Monte Carlo Simulation Question

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I'm interested becoming more proficient in VBA. I have read Offenbach Power Programming, and For Dummies. Additionally, I use macros occasionally at work.
To learn more, I have decided to try and code my own Monte Carlo Simulation. Basically, I'd like to replicate Crystal Ball, but on my own. I believe this would be both challenging and rewarding.
My question is, are there any resources available to help guide me through the process of writing this complex program? I'm look for a link the might serve as a walk through for how to write something like this. Please post any advice or

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I'm trying to create a Monte carol simulation on sales projections.
Basically I would like to generate what the profit would be given different sales projections.
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I am trying to set up a simulation for the birthday paradox. I have random dates set up, but cannot figure out how to sort (so I can count duplicates). Every time I hit sort, it generates another batch of random numbers. Or is there a way I can set this up?

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