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using vlookup to delete duplicate data

using vlookup to delete duplicate data

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Can I use vlookup to find acct#'s on a second worksheet and have it delete the rows of the acct#'s on the 2nd washtub that are returned?

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Find, hide, or eliminate duplicate data

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This article explains how to find and hide or eliminate duplicate data by using Microsoft Office Access 2007. As a rule, you should delete duplicate values whenever possible to reduce costs and increase the accuracy of your data. Office Access 2007 provides a number of ways to find and hide or delete duplicate values, and this article explains how to use the most common methods.
What do you want to do?
* Understand duplicate data
* Prepare some sample data
* Find and edit, hide, or delete duplicate data in a single table
* Find and edit, hide, or delete duplicate data in multiple tables

Delete duplicate cell

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I have a large spreadsheet that I need to clean up. My data is kept by row, so some rows have the same information in two adjacent cells. An example is below in rows 2 through 5.
Is there a function that can automatically delete the 2nd duplicate cell contents? I can delete them manually one at a time, but I'd like
to be able to clean up the entire sheet at once.

Duplicate data

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Is there some way to delete rows that have duplicate data in one column.
For instance, I have an address list including the whole family.
I would like to delete succeeding rows and leave the first one in that

Delete Duplicate Rows

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I'm trying to merge a new and an old dataset which have a lot of values the same but a few new updated ones, the values don't match on each row but if there is a duplicate value column K that matches a value in column A I need a way to delete the row of data attached to column A while leaving the column K value as is i.e. delete a-j but not the whole row.
Either VBA or a formula would help me out a lot.

Question on removing duplicate data

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File test is what the data currently looks like.
File test1 is what I it looks like after I remove the duplicate data. ( I manually deleted the data).
The original file has 100's of rows.
I want the delete duplicate data in Column A, but leave Column B and C data intact. The Remove Duplicates command appears to delete the entire row. Would appreciate any suggests.

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JQuery AdDelFields: duplicate or delete fields within a form

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This plug-in is very useful for those who need to duplicate or delete fields within a form.
1) You insert the form inside a div (container) that has a specific class eg. (Class = contenitore_input)
2) il div con classe contenitore_input verr chiuso in un ulteriore div con un id specifico es:.(id=contenitore_generale)
3) the div with class contenitore_input will be closed in another div with a specific id eg. (id = contenitore_generale)
4) assign a reference attribute to each field to be duplicated eg. &lt input alt=nome &gt

CD Duplicate Master

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CD Duplicate Master, a powerful CD duplicate utility, is designed to fit for CD duplicate fan's need. It can enables you to extract digital audio tracks from an audio CD into sound files on your hard disk; burn audio CD, data CD to blank CD disc, and data files to the ISO image file; copy all kinds of CD disc; and erase a rewritable CD-ROM content. It still can grab audio tracks from a CD and save them to your hard drive in various audio formats, like MP3, WMA, OGG and other, and create custom audio CD from MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA files. It is the best choice to backup CD disc!

Mega List Cleaner : Mailing Lists Cleaner

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You might be wasting your time and resouces working with a mailing list that is is not clean!
Incorrect or duplicate data could be costing you money and time. You might even get a legal notice for spam etc.
Mega List Cleaner is the ultimate list cleaner, duplicate remover, list sorter, unsubscription cleaner, email validator, name capitalizer etc for your mailing list.

File Browser

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Flash File browser with PHP 5.0, all source files included, some features:
- Download files
- Upload multiple files
- Delete files
- Highlight multiple files with shift or ctrl
- View images
- View SWF's
- Dragable interface
- Play MP3's
- Play FLV s
- Use delete key to delete files from MP3 list
- Big icon set for different filetypes
- Create new folder
- Delete folder

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How to create new databases with "CREATE DATABASE" statements?
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