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Using SUMIFS with a date range

Using SUMIFS with a date range

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I am trying to Sum Total(Column D), if the Date(Column A) is between Date 1(I7) and Date 2(J7) and it is in a given Area(Column J). Various Sheets are involved.
My latest attempt is shown below(but gave me an error):
=SUMIFS('Historical Data'!$D:$D, 'Historical Data'!$J:$J, AUS!A3, "<='Historical Data'$A:$A",AUS!I7, ">="Historical Data'$A:$A,AUS!J7)

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Please see the attached file. I need subtotal of sale of particular date range from a column having more than one years date wise sales data.

SUMIFS formula with date format issues

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I'm a bit stuck with a SUMIFS formula. The data range I'm referencing contains numbers such as 20110131. My SUMIFS formula says if greater than 31/12/2010 and less than 30/03/2011, etc then return a total.
The problem I have is the data range date is a number and my greater than and less than definitions are dates so the SUMIFS doesn't work.
I'm stuck with these (i.e. the data range will always be a number and the date will always be a date) but how can I overcome this?
I've tried adding cells next to the dates for use as references in > or < and used for 31/12/2010 =right(A1,4)&mid(A1,4,2)&left(A1,2) but that doesn't return what I want.

Sumifs using large named range

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I have a named range with multiple columns:
in other words: sum numbers in the range's column A where Column B= cell A1.
Probably simple but.

sumifs formula with > operator on a date variable

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I'm trying to use the value of dates in cells that are greater than another date value (which needs to be a variable) as my criteria for the sumifs function. How do I make it so that excel can accept this > operator with the date value?
=IF(C3="Deposit", E2-A3, IF(C3="Annual Increase", A3+SUMIFS($A$2:A2, $C$2:C3, "Withdraw", $D$2:D3, >Date(YEAR(D3)-2, 12, 31)), E2))

SumIfs Help

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I'm trying to use the SumIfs formula in VBA to only take the sum of the data in one range if it meets the criteria of the data in another range.
So I want the DM1 range to be the sum range, and Year 1 to be the criteria range, and ">1980" to be the criteria.
I have been using this, but it has not been working: ActiveCell.Formaula ="=SumIfs(DM1,Year1,">" & 1980")". This has not been working,

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