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using percentages in conditional formatting

using percentages in conditional formatting

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Using conditional formatting and the icon set, I'm trying to set it so that when inventory falls below a certain percentage, I'll know what to do. Green is ok (=>90%), yellow (=>65 but) is borderline and red (<65) is time to order.

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Conditional Formatting with Percentages

Free: Yes
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I am looking to have 3 different conditional formats in one cell. I am using Microsoft Excel 2007.
1) Green if the cell that I am in is 95% of cell A1
2) Amber if the cell that I am in is within 80 - 94% of cell A1
3) Red if the cell that I am in is under 80% of cell A1
What is the formula I will need to use for the above?

Conditional Formatting with percentages

Free: Yes
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I am trying to create a formula within conditional formatting that will highlight the cell red if cell H8 <= 80% of cell G8. I cannot figure out how to write the formula. Can it be an IF statement? I want to state it that if cell H8 is <= cell G8 then highlight cell H8 red. Attached is a sample of the numbers. I do not have a column that gives the percentage and I really don't want to have to create another column. Can this all be done within the conditional formatting of the cell?

Apply conditional formatting to cells formatted as percentages?

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I have formatted a column to display numbers as percentages. I want 100% to display as bold, but can't seem to apply the conditional formatting to it.
The formatting works fine with plain text.

Conditional Formattin with Percentages

Free: Yes
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Im looking to have two conditional formatting formulas that do the following:
If Cell A1 is within 20% of cell A2 then leave blank if not color it red.

Conditional Formatting with Percentages - only 2 of 3 working

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Tags: Excel › Functions

I am trying to impute the following Conditional Formatting relating to costing: 2 columns -
Column A has a costing goal
Column B has the costing actual
I want the conditional formatting to reflect how close the costing actual comes to the goal
Green- if cell B value is < or = column A
Yellow- if cell B value is greater than A but less than A+3%
Red- if cell B value is greater than A+3%
I have tried entering the appropriate conditions but it will only choose Green or Red. Yellow won't work.

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aquatube Gauge Chart

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The aquatube Gauge can visualize percentages as a big or small aquatube image with an accordant water level.
It uses the GD graphics library, a common image manipulation package that has wrappers for numerous programming languages (with PHP being the most popular one).

Animated tooltip with HTML formatting

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A very nice and easy way of giving your visitors a quick explanation of a button. It has an alpha animation (which you can also turn off). You can also apply html formatting like bold text.

3D Dice Preloaders

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WHITE AND BLACK 3D DICE PRELOADERS ! Roll the bones! Die changes faces when specified loading percentages are reached. (If your load occurs very quickly, die will run through its full countdown animation before fadeout.)

Random Preloader

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This is a preloader with verticle boxes with 3d look. just drag and drop it on the timeline you want to preloade. Let me tell you how it works and usefull to in your file:
Working logic: 1. It counts the loaded bytes and shows the percentages in dynamically generated boxes. 2. the boxes have random colors every time the user see the preloader. 3. The rotation of boxes is also random. 4. The boxes generete dynamically so the actuall size of preloader is vety light.
How to use it: 1. Just drag and drop the movieclip named preloader_mc on first frame of the time line you want to preload. 2. double click the movie clip and go inside check the action layer adn see the coding on first frame. 3. you will see the varible Demoversion with initialized true just change it to false and you done !!

Advanced Datagrid component

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Multi-line editing, with Word Wrapping. This is probably the most sought-after feature of the Flash datagrid, and which is sorely missing from Macromedia's Datagrid distribution.
Merge headers, change the background color of any given header, and apply HTML formatting to the cell header text, like italic and bold.
Format all data in a given column. For example, apply $ and ".00" formatting to price values in a column. When clicked, the "true" value of the cell is displayed.
Add powerful stylesheet support via external CSS files. This allows even more flexibility to the cell formatting than can be used with the limited HTML support that comes built-in to the datagrid.
The DataGrid Extensions download comes with Flash 6 AND Flash 7 versions. Some features, like CSS support, are only available in the Flash 7 version.
Add powerful event handling to any cell. For example, when clicked, the cell data can be passed to an Actionscript function of your choice.
An advanced API is included for your reference (for Flash 7 extensions). The Flash 6 version comes with a text file that lists all available functions.
Add horizontal scrolling to your datagrid.
Convenient MXP installer is provided (for Flash 7 version only), as well as .fla examples.
100% of the Flash source code is included (Actionscript source files). Thus, if you need to do something which isn't built-in to the datagrid extensions, you may be able to add it yourself, provided that you have a strong knowledge of Actionscript.
Add HTML to any cell by setting the "htmlDrawing" property.

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