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Using Iserror with If statement and Vlookup

Using Iserror with If statement and Vlookup

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I have the following formula in a cell:
=IF($K2="STEEL",VLOOKUP($B2,'Macos 12 Mo. Data'!$A$4:$AU$326,40,FALSE),0)
Problem is that the results of this are used for calculations and K2 sometimes doesn't equal "STEEL" so I get an error. I've tried putting an Iserror and have the error = 0 but am doing something wrong.

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Can some one explain this formula to me in plain English? I don't understand why the ISERROR function is being used, or why VLOOKUP is in there twice.

Help with IF and VLookup Match Statement

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I am trying to write an if statement that if a value in the lookup table does not exist to return a NA instead of an #N/A Error. If the value does exist in the table than return that value.
Here is my formula that isn't quite working. I am having trouble with the IF and ISERROR
=IF(VLOOKUP(X$5,Meeting_Planner_Towers_Final.xls!$ C:$ED,MATCH($B10,Meeting_Planner_Towers_Final.xls! $C$1:$ED$1,0),FALSE))=(ISERROR(X10)),"NA",(VLOOKUP (X$5,Meeting_Planner_Towers_Final.xls!$C:$ED,MATCH ($B10,Meeting_Planner_Towers_Final.xls!$C$1:$ED$1, 0),FALSE).

If iserror help

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can someone tell my why this does not work please, have used this combo many times in the past
Sample data below

IF iserror , shortening the statement.

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I am wondering if there is a way to avoid the "very_long_formula" in the else part of the following if statement.

Adding If Statement Problem

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I am currently working on a spreadsheet, that has the following formula inserted:
=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE($A8,AW$3),'Inbound Baseline 2010'!$B:$V,21,FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE($A8,AW$3),'Inbound Baseline 2010'!$B:$V,21,FALSE))
That formula works fine.
However, when I add in an additional IF statement (to see whether a specific criteria is met) in order to reduce the processing time, I don't get the correct value, and end up with 0.
=IF(AA8="Y",IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE($A8,AW$3),'Inbound Baseline 2010'!$B:$V,21,FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE($A8,AW$3),'Inbound Baseline 2010'!$B:$V,21,FALSE)),0)
Any ideas of what is causing this to happen?

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