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Using COUNTIFS with multiple columns

Using COUNTIFS with multiple columns

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I am trying to count a number of items where certain conditions apply. The first 4 conditions are single columns looking for a specific value. The last condition is searching 12 columns to find values less than a certain amount.
Individually, these 2 formulas work:
=COUNTIFS(WaterNoDup!$D$5:$D$1500,$AC$7,WaterNoDup!$E$5:$E$1500,$AC$8,WaterNoDup!$F$5:$F$1500,$AC $9,WaterNoDup!$K$5:$K$1500,$AC$10)
Together like below, they return a #VALUE answer.
=COUNTIFS(WaterNoDup!$D$5:$D$1500,$AC$7,WaterNoDup!$E$5:$E$1500,$AC$8,WaterNoDup!$F$5:$F$1500,$AC $9,WaterNoDup!$K$5:$K$1500,$AC$10,WaterNoDup!$R$5:$AC$1500,C9)

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