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Userform textbox highlighting text on setfocus

Userform textbox highlighting text on setfocus

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Is there an equivalent to the VB textbox.selectall in Excel VBA? I want to have all the text in a userform textbox highlighted when focus is set back to the textbox after an input error. I have tried the startle and wavelengths methods with no luck.

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setfocus to a certain textbox whenever show userform

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I've done this before not sure why it's not working.
I have a form called key data , and a textbox there-on called first box.
I have this code:
Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
End Sub
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
End Sub
also, firstbox's enabled property is set to True.
Yet, the cursor is never blinking in that textbox when the userform is loaded.

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I have three text boxes to receive dates. If an invalid date is entered, how do I get the cursor to return to the first position of the textbox containing the invalid date. I have tried TextBox 1 2 or 3.SetFocus, but the cursor remains at the position I clicked on after leaving the TextBox. How do I get it to return to the TextBox which needs amendment to its date?
It may seem simple, but it has perplexed me for a few hours, and I've searched the Internet for solutions.

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I have 2 main problems.
1. im try to make my code more general, I have a userform called "UsrFrmChangeRate" with, currently, 5 textbox's in how do I make a loop with each textbox and use the current textbox value.
and 2nd I want to add and remove labels & textboxes to the above mentioned userform, I know how to create a new userform and add controls to it, but to make a new userform and edit a second one seem to be 2 different things.

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I have a userform with three tabs. In the first tab I have a textbox (textbox20) used to store a directory structure. Want to access this Textbox's text in my module.

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