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Unique random numbers

Unique random numbers

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I want to generate 10 numbers all between 1 and 100 inclusive.
I believe this does that:
However I am not sure how to make them all unique from each other at each page refresh

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random unique numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Is there a simple formula to generate a random list of unique numbers to a spreadsheet with almost 400 lines. What I want to produce is a unique, but random number identifier for each person. I don't want the number to change after it is assigned, as the number will be used in place of the persons name for privacy.

unique random whole numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I would like to generate unique random whole numbers from 1 to 100 without resorting to the method of using two columns and sorting on the rand() column( if it's possible to do so).

Unique RANDOM NUMBERS within specified range

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have looked at the Random Number Generator Add-in and the =RAND function but can't get either to do what I want (although I'm sure they can)
I have a range of cells in a single column (A2:A3667), and I want a list of random numbers to fill that range using the values 1:366, using each value once and once only. Effectively randomizing the row numbers.

Unique random numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have two side by side excel cells, let's call them cell A1 and cell B1. In these two cells I have random numbers rounded off to be integers with the command INT(Rand() * 10). What I'd like to avoid is both A1 and B1 having the same number. I am simulating the score of a game of two teams and do not want ties. What can I do to make sure that the two cells do not have the same value? Ideally I'd like cell B1 to pick a new random number if it has the same value as A1.

Generate an array of Unique random numbers from 1 to n

Free: Yes
Tags: Flash › Excel Actionscript

Code to generate an array of Unique random numbers from 1 to n.

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Random Striped CSS3 Backgrounds

Free: No
Tags: CSS › Excel Background Effects CSS3

A collection of CSS3 Backgrounds made with multiple layers of strips repeating at different intervals based on prime numbers. This causes the overall pattern to appear non-repeating giving it a random feel.

Flip Numbers

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Random Text

This display allows you to show any number with style. It is easily and fully customizable:
change dimensions.
choose how many numbers visualize.
change the background color of the numbers.
change the numbers color.
change the distance between numbers.

Random Image Link

Free: Yes
Tags: JavaScript › Excel Random Images

This is a good script to use for placing random ads on a page. Once the page is loaded, a random image will be selected and placed on the page. If the image is clicked, the visitor will be brought to the website that corresponds to the image.

AUTO BIRD v1 :: random behavior

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Animations

This drag-n-drop movie clip is a self-contained bird that sits on a wire, fence, branch, etc. and does its own thing. It fluffs its wings occasionally and then at some point it flies off into the sky. After a random wait, it flies back to its original position. You can add as many feathered friends as you want and they will all behave independently. Use some scaling/skewing/tinting to make each one slightly different.
By simply changing a few numbers, their behavior can be modified to have more or less chance of doing any of the actions. The flight path uses a Motion Guide layer.

Key Generator

Free: No
Tags: ASP.NET › Excel Random Text

The KeyGenerator is a .NET component for .NET applications that allows to developers generate random values using the combination of numbers, letters, characters and custom values.
Principal features:
- Get random values using Numbers, Letters, Numbers & Letters, Numbers-Letters-Characters or custom values defined by you
- Include source code so you can add custom elements
- It is compatible with C# and VB projects (include demo apps for both)
- It is compatible with different types of .NET projects (web, desktop, console)

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