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To copy a row from one workbook to another based on criteria

To copy a row from one workbook to another based on criteria

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I want to be able to copy a row of data from one workbook to another based on the criteria of one of those cells in the row. I've tried something along the lines of an IF statement, but with no luck. can anyone suggest anything ?

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copy rows to new sheet based on specific cell value

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Is it possible to copy an entire row to a new workbook based on a specific cell's value? Specifically, if the cell contains a "1" I would like the entire row to be copied to a new workbook. I know this can be done manually by sorting, copying and pasting, but the file is large and there are a few hundred rows that meet the criteria weekly. Any help is appreciated - it now takes a considerable amount of time to do this.

Copy data from a sheet to other based on a criteria

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out in the below task.
What I need is, in sheet1 if the "Service Date" column contains the words "Check#", the whole row should be copied to the next sheet as per the example attached.
Herewith enclosed an example file for your ref.

Make copy of workbook based on selected criteria

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I have created a workbook that I use to create the team rosters for a flag football league that currently has over 1100 kids and is getting bigger. Currently, it contains two worksheets named Players and
RosterMaker. I have data validation in some of the cells on the
RosterMaker sheet which removes the player's name from the dropdown list once it is chosen. The player's name is also removed from the available players list on the roster maker page as a fail-safe for me. I am currently looking to add a macro which would allow me to
choose the number of teams from 4-12, the number of players per team, and create a copy of the master workbook for the selected values. I would be happy to post a copy of the master workbook that I have

Copy row based on cell content

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I have a workbook with about 100 sheets; they are all formatted the same as far as rows, columns, etc. The data in the cells is different.
I would like to copy a range of rows based on the contents of a cell on the worksheet.
To further explain, I have one of three possible values in cell A1. Based on this value, I want to copy the range of A5:M13 to another sheet, named the
same as the cell.
I need to repeat this process for all of the sheets in the workbook.
I would like to automate the process because the sheets are going to be updated often, and I would need to revise this "summary" page after the

How do I find and copy rows based on specific criteria?

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I have a large spreadsheet and in one of the columns part of the data, some of the rows has a \t. Once I search on the \t, I don't know how to copy the entire row to a new worksheet. Your help is appreciated.
I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

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efileman is a free web based file management solution written in Perl with the following features:
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- multilanguage support
- multifile operations
- multiuser access
- full skinable
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- email interface

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Very easy to use. In this third version you can copy to your system clipboard the text contained in a text field and then you can paste it everywere. If you want you can copy a user defined string. You can change the graphic easily by editing the symbols in library. To let it works you just drag and drop it into your flash file

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This script allows you to create your own list of passwords based off a specific set of parameters. You can either use my copy of the script (listed below under "See it in use") to generate passwords, or you can download a copy of the PHP script and make your own modifications.
I constantly found myself needing to create new passwords, either for myself or clients. I HATE passwords that I can't tell what the characters are by just looking at it. I also got tired of clients contacting me because they can't figure out if their password contained a 1, l, I or o, O, 0 when they read the old password they taped to the bottom of their keyboard (yes, we know you do that).

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