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Time Zone Conversion Button

Time Zone Conversion Button

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In the spreadsheet attached , I have four buttons which needs some macros to perform below function -
IF button 1 is clicked - It should assume that Data is in IST format and should convert it to PST format
IF button 2 is clicked - It should assume that data is in EST format and should convert it to PST format .
Similarly for other tabs as well.

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Date and time conversion to another time zone

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How do I convert a given date and time of a time zone (USA) to the date and time of another time zone (Asia)? For example, in one column there is the USA date and time ( 5/12/12 4:30AM). How do I convert this in a formula in another column if the (Asia) date and time zone is ahead by 16 hours?

Is there a time zone conversion function in Excel?

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Specifically, I was hoping for a function in Excel, when provided the time zone, date and time, would return GMT, or universal time and date. I know this is more complicated than it sounds, but I was just wondering if there were any requests for this type of function?

Time Zone converstion

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I'm trying to figure out if there is any easier way to convert a particular time zone (eg: EST Time ' Mela Time / EST Time ' CST Time and the likes )
Right now I'm using this formula: (example scenario below )
Converting 12:00 am EST to Manila = TIME(IF(HOUR(A4),13+HOUR(A4),HOUR(A4)+13),MINUTE(A4),SECOND(A4))

Time Zone, how to default to PT Time

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I put together this code below, can someone tell me how to get this to show up as Pacific time if you are using a PC not in that time zone? Also is there a way to make the cell update as the time changes?
=MONTH(NOW()) & "/" & DAY(NOW()) & "/" & YEAR(NOW()) & " " & HOUR(NOW()) & ":" & MINUTE(NOW())

How can i find time in various time zone?

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How do I use Excel to calculate the time in various timezone by entering the current time in one cell in Excel and see the other values automatically filled with AM, PM indicator?

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AtomJump Time-to-call Calculator

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Your customers from other time-zones will be going elsewhere if they try to contact you outside your office hours.
A timulator will put a stop to this, by showing your open hours altered dynamically to each individual visitor, based on the time-zone they're in.

Custom Color Time Zone XML Clocks

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Lightweight (6KB) Analog World Time Clock with AM PM indicator, city name and date stamp (optional). It can be set to any Time Zone (UTC+5 or UTC +3.5) with optional Daylight Saving Time (DST) adjustments. You can set size, number of clocks in a row and clocks appearances in XML
no need to know Flash or ActionScript! Set clock body color to any custom color or choose from 8 preset nice looking colors. See below for more properties that can be set in XML .
All code is written in AS3 and is located in external .as files in two classes: clock class and another class that displays chosen number of clocks in the clip. Clock is a movie clip
drag and drop to any project, just dont forget to put external ActionScript files into the same folder. It can be used with Flash or Flex Projects.
All images are in vector format and can be scaled to any size. Shadow under the clock is transparent so it will look like shadow on a background of any color or pattern.

Countdown to Day Script

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There are basically two types of JavaScript countdown scripts, depending on what you're trying to do. The first type counts down using the time of the visitor's computer, which obviously varies depending on the visitor, and is great for counting down to "relative" events such as Christmas, your friend's birthday etc. The second type counts down using a specific local time (ie: Time in New York), and is great for counting down to "absolute" events where the target date/time is tied to a certain time zone, such as the launch date of a web site, the date/time of the next Solar Eclipse etc.
Dynamic Countdown script belongs to the first type of count down script that lets you count down to relative events of a future date/time. This future date, while the same for everyone, occurs differently depending on the time zone they're in (ie: Christmas, your mom's birthday, April 1st 2015 etc). This script is extremely flexible- you can customize exactly how to display the output, or even specify a custom action to perform at the end of the countdown (ie: go to another page), by passing in your own custom format function.

Shaadi Zone :: A matrimonial Services Script

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Shaadi Zone is the best solution if you are looking to run a matrimonial services. We have integrated many features which you can use and take full advantage of the matrimonial services. You can run a site like shaadi or bharatmatrimoniy easily.

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This class is written for conversion of xml node values to a .NET type but can also be used to with plain strings. Every time I needed a node value I had to check if the node existed, is it an element or an attribute before I could even start converting the value. This class handles all this and using gen

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