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Text to column,fix width

Text to column,fix width

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My chart is dynamic but one problem is that after I refresh data I have to fix width. Data/text to column/fix width/ finish.
How can I write a macro so I will automatically fix width
Or How can I change this to default so I don't have to fix with every time

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How To Fix Column Width???

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I have a little issue with a data sheet I'm working with. One column lists descriptions of products. The descriptions are very long, but the column is somehow formatted to where it is only so wide and the text cuts off, but if I click on the cell the whole text will pop up, and if I click in a different cell not in that column it is normal again.
Somehow, I did something to the sheet that caused the column to expand so that all the text shows. This caused the column to not only expand but the text to go into other cells. For example, this column is F and row 1 went into AB and row 2 went into CC and row 3 went into AA and so on. I do not know what to do to fix this.

Column automatically adjusts width to fit text entries

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Not able to get an answer to this in General Questions Forum - so trying he Is it possible to have Excel automatically extend the width of a column as text is entered. That is, instead of the text spilling over into the adjoining cell, the column automatically increases in width as characters are added. Answer needed for one of our teachers ASAP - college instructor claims it can be done - I am unable to find it anywhere.

Altered Column Width

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In use one column of my spreadsheet to import a text file. Each day I run a refresh on the data.
However, after refreshing this data, I notice that the width of the column into which data is received gets altered.
* How can I prevent the width of the single column from being changed as I import data from a text file ?

text-to-column fixed width

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I have data as per below
** ABC
** DEF
HOw can I use text to columns to split this so I have ABC in one column DEF in another column and GHI in another column

Changing column size w/o losing text

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I am trying to change column width at the bottom of my worksheet (i.e. row 15), but then it also changes the column width in row 1 - my title which I have set at a larger font, then I lose the text in my title. I can I lock certain cells in same column so that it won't change other cells width?

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Cute Scrollbar

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* New: Add mouseListener.onMouseWheel,you can Scrolling text width your mouse;
* You can change everything in FLA (height,width,color..)
* You can put text in movieclip?or from txt file;
* It is very Cute * It is very Easy to use
* Any content
* Easy to modify and easy to integrate in Flash projects

Advanced Preloader Display

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Flexible and easy to use display widget that you can include in your project, be it as a preloader display or while certain time consuming actions are in effect.
Main Features:
- Display text message or progress information with nice preloading animation
- Preloader can resize to text width, or width can be fixed
- Clean style
- Comes in two sizes

PHP Flash contact form mail

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- size of the component (width and height in pixels)
- script file to use (you can use your own script instead of our php mailer, it can work with asp, jsp, cf, etc.)
- input field width
- message field height
- Scrolling message text full
- title text
- introduction text (html formatted)
- introduction text padding
- form padding
- contact details text (html formatted)
- set the label (displayed text) for all the fields (Address, e-mail, phone, subject, message)

XML simple calendar 6 in 1

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A simple, clean calendar. It comes with 6 XML files with different color settings as seen in preview. Please note that you can change all colors to any color you like. Also you can change borders width and color and color of buttons used for display of days. You can set border of calendar to 0 so it is not displayed (as seen in preview). Also some other parameters can be changed via XML :
- font, size and color of text used for days, month and year
- width and border color of calendar background
- border width, border color and buttons color used for current day
- color of rollover effect of forward and backward buttons
- size of buttons used for displaying days
- size, font and color of events text (and date)
- text of all 3 timeline possibilites of event (past, present, future event)

Dynamic XML Scrolling Text

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A easy way to scroll a dynamic text loaded from a XML file. You can customize the scrolling speed and the text's width.

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