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Switch x and y axes

Switch x and y axes

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I have a line chart that has the x and y data on the opposite axes to what I need. I can't figure out how to get my data to chart correctly. The data is basically as follows and I need height on the y axis and Distance on the x axis, with each distance group in a common series or line:
Height Distance1 Distance2 Distance3 etc
1 x11 x21 x31 3 x13 x23 x33 5 x15 x25 x35 8 x18 x28 x38 etc
The closest I can get is height on the x axis and distance on the y axis.
I'm sure there must be something I'm missing.

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I have a chart that has two Y-axes, the primary on the left and the secondary on the right. Is there a way to flip these axes without recreating the chart? In other words, get the secondary axis to be on the left and the primary on the right?

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I would like the categorical info to be displayed vertically and the value axis to be displayed horizontally. Is there any way around it?

how to switch the primary and secondary Y axis to opposite chart s

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Using Excel 2007, everytime I refresh pivot table data, my charts lose almost
all of the formatting (ex. axis will disappear and chart type will revert from lines to columns).
Most annoying problem I have when this happens is the primary Y axis moves from the left side to the right side of the chart, and when I re-introduce the secondary Y axis, it will appear on the left. How can I easily move the primary Y axis back to the left side of the chart or switch the two axes?
I've tried choosing Layout - Axes to hide and re-display the axes but this

how to change the axes.

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I have created a chart in Excel using a pivot table. The chart I am using is 2 axes, bar and line and I am using 3 sets of data. One of which I want as a
bar and the other 2 as lines. It defaults to the other way around ie 2 bars and one line. The data I wish to switch to a line is so small that I can't click on it and change to secondary xix. is there another way to do it?

How do I swap X & Y Axes on a Chart

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A colleague has created a chart but needs to swap the X & Y axes. I know
this isn't as easy as it sounds, as I've been reading through lots of entries in this forum. I have found Jon Peltier's fantastic little .zip file (SwitchXYAxes.xls) however, when I try and run the "Active Chart - Switch X
Y Axes" option I get a run time error "1004 unable to gt the
MinimumScaleISAuto property of the Axis class". I'm now stuck as I know next
to nothing about VBA.
I would be really, really grateful if someone could come back with either an answer to swapping axes, or to get Jon's little macro running.

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You will need flash cs4 or higher only if you want to change the background. Here are the values you can change through XML , without opening Flash:
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The speed of "Fade-out" effect of your text, and the speed of textScrolling is also adjustable through XML .
RotationX (3D x-axes angle) value of the textField is alterable with ease.
Of course, you can have a link too.Just write it down to XML File, Or you can simply switch it off.
And finally you can use "CDATA" tags to format text severally with some basic HTML properties.
A very descriptive help file included.

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