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Swap axes on a scatter graph

Swap axes on a scatter graph

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Anybody know of an easy method of swapping the x and y axes over on a scatter graph. ie so that the data graphed as the y-axis data becomes the x-axis and vice versa. I have data for two values of Q and one of P in a supply and demand diagram. The Q comes out on the vertical axis whereas an economist requires P on the vertical axis and Q on the horizontal. There are two lines that cross at equilibrium

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Swap the X and Y axes

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I have a line chart on which I need the categories to appear on the vertical axis and the data to appear on the horizontal axis - how can I swap them? I tried swapping the source data in the dialog box but that doesn't seem to work, unless I am doing something wrong.

How do I swap X & Y Axes on a Chart

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A colleague has created a chart but needs to swap the X & Y axes. I know
this isn't as easy as it sounds, as I've been reading through lots of entries in this forum. I have found Jon Peltier's fantastic little .zip file (SwitchXYAxes.xls) however, when I try and run the "Active Chart - Switch X
Y Axes" option I get a run time error "1004 unable to gt the
MinimumScaleISAuto property of the Axis class". I'm now stuck as I know next
to nothing about VBA.
I would be really, really grateful if someone could come back with either an answer to swapping axes, or to get Jon's little macro running.

Scatter Plot and Axes labels

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if I have my data as Sl. Production Quality
and want to know who is in the high Production/High Quality, High Production/Low Quality etc. the 4 areas, I can use the xy scatter plot.
but the points which represent these data cannot be labeled. How do I know which point on the graph corresponds to which person (Sl. No.)?
How do I label data points in an XY Scatter plot?

Scatter Graph

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Struggling with an excel scatter graph for a project. The thing is that the x-axis has to be non-linear.
i.e the x axis reads 1 2 3 4 5 1 When I link to the source its is displaying two points on the graph one above the other. How do I fix this and get them in the order I want ?

Column-Column on 2 axes

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I am using Excel 2003. I see how I can create a Line-Column Graph on 2 Axes.
However, can a column-column graph be created on 2 axes?
I am trying to mimic this graph style which I saw in another presentation.

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Animated Chart script generator allows you to create a bar graph table of the data given to it. This is a graph and chart animated javascript which can be incorparated into any webpages. Just input the data of the involved elements, the animated script will chart out an XY Graph.
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Its perfect if you deal with bars or charts to display data for corporate clients. It cant get easier than this!

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