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Sumproduct to find monthly bonuses

Sumproduct to find monthly bonuses

Price: FREE

My database has a list of first names in column A and sales results in column C.
To compute monthly commission bonuses I need to multiply all those instances where column A = "Bob" x all those same row instances where column C is greater than $850

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Employee Bonuses

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Brand new user.
I have a list of employees production values (In row A). From this, how do I equate the highest value to be 100% and each value below to be a percentage OF this 100%?
I will be using this monthly where the employee with 100% would get $500 each month, for example, and each employee below would get a percentage of $500. Each month the highest value would be different based on how fast they worked

Trying to calculate bonuses

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Im trying to create a formula to calculate bonuses for my employees and I cant figure it out.*
Here is what im trying to do.
One cell to state:
(specs $30,00-$50,00 @ .5%)
I need this cell to calculate .5% for the total from cell C13 if total is from $30K-$50K
And another cell to state:
(specs $50,001+ @ 1%)
I need this cell to calculate 1% for the total from cell C13 if total is from $5001 and above

Calculate bonuses for staff

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am attaching a workbook and there are two worksheets contained.
The first sheet has some staff ID numbers and $ amounts for product sold. This is just an idea - in reality it will be longer and have more staff member's ID noted.
The second sheet is for calculation of the staff bonus. The top two staff members for a month are paid a bonus. At the moment the bonus is 3.5% of the total sold for that staff member, but the total must be over the current amount of $100. These figures (bonus percentage and amount to exceed) can change so I need to be able to change these as required on sheet 2 and the calculations will work.

Sumproduct between dates

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am creating an asset purchase/capitalization plan and in the interest of space and calculation count I have chosen to do a summary monthly depreciation row. I have the first half of the concept down, but how do I get it to Stop after the designated time period (useful life) - Say 3 years (and asset purchased in May 2012 will be done Der. in May 2015 if it is a three year asset)

Need help with sliding scale compensation formula

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Need to create an excel formula to calculate bonus based on a percent of revenue. Here is what I am looking to do in "pseudo-code":
$0 - $500,00 - bonus = x% of revenue
$500,00 - $1,00,00 - bonus = y% of revenue
$1,00,00 - $1,500,00 - bonus = z% of revenue
The tricky part is that while this is a tiered scale, it still needs to continually calculate revenue to date. Example, the company does $1,250,00 in revenue. The calculation would be something like:
The first $500K in revenue is bonuses at x%, the second $500K is bonuses at y% and the last $250K is bonuses at z percent.

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Glass Globule Preloader X3 color

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Sleek, simple, lightweight, liquid, glass, reflected, shadow, vector, animated with percentage preloader. Added bonuses load-out animation upon 100% load completion. Comes in 3 pre-selected colors for you to start with. to modify instructions included along with the how to use instruction.

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