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sumif function not giving the correct total

sumif function not giving the correct total

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I'm trying to add the total product sold by a group of sales person for example : Chad + Javier. My actual worksheet includes 600 rows of salespeople and 20 rows of product, I'm using this simple example to get the message across.
I was using =sum(sumif(A1:A9,"Chad',D1:D9),sumif(A1:A9,"Javier",D1:D9)), the formula should have given 91, but instead is calculating 113.
Balers Person Product A Product B Product C

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My column of numbers is not giving the correct total. My formula for the total is: =ROUND(SUM(A4:A15),2) The numbers I added are 6.30+1.74+1.24 and got an answer of 9.27 (should be 9.28). The numbers I am adding are formulated from another macro not just a number I inserted (it is a formula to calculate the gst out of a number from another column) and this is why I think I am getting a wrong answer but I don't know how to correct it.

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001 - Total Cat3 44
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002 - Total Cat2 66
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003 - Total Cat1 23
003 - Total Cat2 11
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Can you do a range such as M4:O10? My spreadsheet let me put this in but it
is not giving me the correct value. I have a 1 in cell O4 and it is giving me a value of "0" for this formula.
=SUMIF('June08 Summary'!$E$4:$E$10,"DM",'June08 Summary'!M4:O10)

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