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sum of subtraction every two row

sum of subtraction every two row

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I have been thinking of this but cant figure it out:
For example I have a Col start from row 10 (B10) going down. The number of row can be variable, but it should be odd number, the last row will not be count. Now I want the SUM of the subtraction of every 2 cell next together. Ex: I have B10:B21 then I need (B2-B1)+(B4-B3)+(B6-B5)+.+(B20-B19). How can I formula this?

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simple subtraction

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

For each row of data, I want to display the difference between the value in cell C of the current row, and C in the next row. eg where "x" is the current row:
=SUM (C(x+1), -Cx)
How do I create this formula ?

Subtraction of H:MM

Free: Yes
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I am trying to set up a timesheet that will automatically add up the hours worked for each day (stop time - start time), then sum up the week and convert it to a decimal (need 4.5 hours vs. 4:30). I have the conversion from H:MM to a decimal, but for some reason the hours are not summing up properly once they go over 24 for a given week. If they are under 24, then the formulas work fine. What am I doing incorrectly?

subtraction of negative numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm trying to create an equation that, on occasion, will result in a subtraction of a negative, which then results in a larger negative number than it should be.
So for example:
=sum(A1 - B1)
A1 = -50
B1 = 40
so the results of this equation is -90, but in reality it should be -10.
seems simple but it's confusing the hell out of me.

Automatic Subtraction on xl2007

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Firstly this is my first post, so I hope I'm putting it in the right forum.
I am preparing a worksheet to keep details of my running total in paying off a certain financial sum. The payments and sums repaid are irregular.
Say, for example, the total outstanding sum is £100 and I put that figure in cell D1. I want to enter the repaid amounts down from cell C2.
Is there any easy way that when I enter the repaid amount so that it will automatically be subtracted from the first and subsequent figures in column D.
If anyone has the time to consider this I would be most obliged as I can't count, especially backwards! And when I ask for an 'easy way', I mean I'm an absolute beginner with excel and have no knowledge of macros etc.
Thanks for your time and for allowing me into these forums.

Formulating cells

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm trying to total a column and within it I have created rows that total by sum and rows that total by subtraction. My total at the bottom of the column is only showing the rows totaled by sum and not including rows totaled by subtraction.

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