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sum of an index/match array

sum of an index/match array

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this is kind of hard to explain so I attached a sample book.
Need to lookup the values in table1 column A in table2, and depending on giving criteria sum the numbers in the table2 for the given Column A values
can explain more if needed -- would prefer no help columns, using excel 2010

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Sum an Index Match

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I'm using the formula =INDEX(E14:E20,MATCH(E7,F14:F20,FALSE),1) which is working to bring back a result however I need to bring back a sum
I have the match word with a $ value in the adjacent cell and need to sum multiple $ values together based on the word matching


Free: Yes
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I was using the formula below to match 2 indicators listed within an array. I have another 2 indicators that I CANNOT add to the array. They lie in cells AA2 and AB2. How can I modify the formula below to Index all 4 indicators.
=INDEX($A$1:$E$42, MATCH(Y2,$A$1:$A$42,0),MATCH(Z2,$A$1:$E$1,0))

index function error using match function to get data from a cell in an array

Free: Yes
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I am using the below function to obtain data from a single cell in an array.
=INDEX(AD13:AP27, MATCH(F4,AD13:AD27), MATCH(F12,AD13:AP13))
The function works 80% of the time. It occasionally goes brain dead and selects the wrong column. The function resides in Cell I13 on tab G01.
Can someone help me? I believe the problem may exist within Excel.

Reverse a function to return the array?

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Is there a way to return an array value in excel through a function or by reversing a function. I need to do an lookup of a name in a row, and then have a cell from the row return it's corresponding column array. e.g (row 1, cell 4 (Bob) = $D$1:$D$500.
I need to be able to use the result in another function like a Match/ Index
I have been able to produce the effect using substitute and address embedded functions. But I cannot use the result as the array for a Index/Match. I think because it's just text and not the actual defined array.
I would like to use the result to fill in the $J$15:$J$509 array below
=INDEX($J$15:$J$509,MATCH(B6,$I$15:$I$509,FALSE),1 )

Sum of subset of an array

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I have a worksheet with monthly sales figures on it. The first column contains the sales person and the first row contains the sales period. What I need is a formula that can select a row based on the sales person name and select a subset of columns based on a period range and produce the sum of the values.
I'm looking at SUM, SUMIF, INDEX and MATCH but can't quite figure out how to organize them to provide the desired result.
I've got as far as this, which will return the value of the correct row in the first column. Is there some way to return a cell reference instead so that I could slot it into a SUM function?
=INDEX('Sales Data'!$B$4:$AL$162, MATCH($J$5, 'Sales Data'!$B$4:$B$162, 0), MATCH("P1", 'Sales Data'!$B$4:$AL$142, 0))

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The XML to Array PHP script takes the hard work out of constantly developing custom PHP code to parse an XML document. A simple call the the XML to Array function with the appropriate repeating level will call your user defined function to process the XML data in a convenient, simple to use PHP array.
We've personally used this script to parse multiple XML and RSS feeds, and it has drastically decreased our development efforts. While there is no online demo, here is an example of what the script can do. The eBay RSS Store script utilizes the XML to Array script to parse the eBay RSS data feeds.

Linq In PHP

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This class can be used to query arrays with a SQL-like syntax using LINQ. It takes an array as parameter and can perform several types of queries using an SQL-like syntax as if the array was a relational database. Currently it supports performing SELECT and DELETE queries. - Order by Support Added

Space Match Memory game - Advanced

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In this space style memory game you have to flip tiles over to match two icons. Flipping over all the tiles ends the game.
This game features a timer and the game remembers your time for the session you are in. The game also has sound.
This is the advanced version of this file. It has the following features:
- PHP compatible saving to text file (.txt)
- ASP compatible saving to tex tfile
- Level select
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A-Star path finding is widely used in games to give artificial intelligence features in game sprites so they can be able to find the shortest path between two points in a maze-like search space.
This is a non-visual .swc component that you can use in your Flex Projects. It is specially optimized to be very fast since this kind of algorithms need much processing power.
The example project contains a very simple example. The constructor needs a BitmapData structure where white (0xFFFFFFFF) is walkable and black (0xFF000000) is non-walkable.
Once you have created the path finder object you may call the FindPath(startX,startY,endX,endY) method. This takes 4 parameters. The first two are the X,Y values of the start point and the last two are the X,Y values of the end point. If the method returns an array of some length then it has found a path. Each element in the array is itself an array which contains the X and Y coordinates of each step in the path.

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