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Sum If with two ranges and condition

Sum If with two ranges and condition

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I have to sum the values from A1:A100 if B1:B100="01-01-2006" and C1:C100="1"
With only one it works like this sumif(B1:B100;"01-01-2006"; A1:A100), but I want some thing like this sumif(B1:B100;"01-01-2006"AND(C1:C100;"1"); A1:A100)

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I want to write a formula based on this: where is value '1' in range D1:F1 - e.g. on D1 and F1, then G1*A1 + I1*C1. So based on where the 1 is, want to multiply and sum certain values from ranges G1:I1 and A1:C1. Please help with the formula.
Hoping that you understand the logic of what I'm trying to do.

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I was wondering if anyone cld help me out on formulas to be used in Excel. The specifics are I hve defined two Dynamic Ranges say Price and Qty and I want to Sum the product of these two Dynamic Ranges into a cell. I thought using Array formula Ctrl Shift Enter on =Sum(Price*Qty) should give me the required sum but instead it gives
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This should be simple but I can't see it.
How do I return TRUE/FALSE if the sum of 2 ranges are equal. The ranges are different sizes (say) a1:a3 and b1:b6 so obviously I'm not looking at each cell individually, just the sum of the ranges.

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I have
1 Name Value Name Value Name Value
2 A 6 B 5 B 7
3 B 7 C 9 A 8
4 C 9 A 7 A 7
5 A 8 A 6 C 6
I would like Sum all values in block A2:F5 where corresponding Name is A In this case: A=42
For another words:
Sum(B2:B5) where (A2:A5)=A +
Sum(D25) where (C2:C5)=A+
Sum(F2:F5) where (E2:E5)=A

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