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Sum data based on selection on dropdown menu

Sum data based on selection on dropdown menu

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Need your kind help here. I have a several sheets containing actual, budget and forecast numbers and all in the same format. What I want is to display (sumif) the data based on the month chosen in the drop down list. e.g if I choose March 12, then all the numbers in actual, budget and forecast will display the sumif from the respective sheet.
Also is it possible to display the year to date amount?
Thanks for your kind help, attached is the sample data

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Dropdown List within a dropdown

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I'm in the process of creating a spreadsheet containing many dropdown lists.
My need is to create a dropdown within the dropdown, based upon the entry chosen by the first drop down selection. Totally confused yet?
For example, if I select "Modem" from the first dropdown. I want to then be taken to another dropdown containing the names of all Modem Manufacturers from which the next selection would be made.

Assign values to dropdown menu selections

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I have a dropdown menu in cell A9 with 5 selections in it. I want 4 of the selections to have cells automatically populate when they are selected (I have embedded IF statements into the cells that I want to change). However, I want to have one of the selections in the dropdown menu be an "open" selection, where I can enter in my own values in the same cells that would be populated if one of the other 4 selections were picked.
Does anybody know how I can tell the IF statement to allow me to input my own data when the "open" selection is chosen, while still re-populating the fields when the other 4 selections are picked?
Unfortunately, I can't upload an example because there is private information that I can't share. If you want me to clarify anything,

DropDown Selection in EXCEL 2007

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I need to know how to change a dropdown list collection based on a selection change in another dropdown.
I want to know if there is any setting to do the same.
I am ot looking for any code for this.

Lock worksheet, based on dropdown selection prior worksheet

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I am creating a workbook, where I have several worksheet that are labeled with the same first 7 characters "ab123 -".
The user selects one of these sheets from a dropdown in the first worksheet.
I provide a conditionally formatted hyperlink within worksheet A, based on their selection, but for quality control want an additional step that either locks an incorrect selection or presenting a msgbox to re-direct.
Can this be done?

Dynamic dropdown menu based on two criteria

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Trying to find a simple answer to a complex (for me) problem.
I'm trying to create a downtown box, with a list of menus which are determined by a combination of two criteria.
Example -
Criteria 1: One gaming publisher (EA or UniSoft or Activist)
Criteria 2: One format (PS3 or X360 or PC)
Dropdown Menu: List of all known game titles (All PS3 titles by EA or All PC titles by Activist)
So, the dropdown menu will list different games depending on the combination of the two criteria.
The source data is a table format, listing each game by format by publisher.
PS - I have no idea about VBA so I'm hoping for a manual formula solution.
I have a table of game titles, with their format and publisher info.

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Dynamic XML Zoom DropDown Menu

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Dynamic XML Zoom DropDown Menu
Settings Through XML :
- As Many Number You Want
- Url(Main and Sub menu)
- Frame target(through framelabel and framenumber)
- You Can Load Swf(but the target movieclip has to be set in fla)
- Menu bars color for both main menu and sub menu(at the moment black)
- MenuTexts (white and black)
- Html Window
The whole code is commented line by line and a detailed help file has been provided.

Contact form with DropDown menu

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Very interesting contact form with DropDown menu you can modify it how ever you want because the code is very simple and easy to use.
- Custom subject message
- Collect IP Address of the sender
- Collect Browser info from the sender (browser name and version)
- Reply directly to the sender email address
- Check if all fields are filled
- Verify if @ is present in the email field
- Tab Index activated (when you hit tab to jump form field to field)
- DropDown menu (you can add or remove items from the menu)
- Reply the sent result (message sent or not sent).

Menu Dropdown jQuery

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Multilevel submenus
Create dropdown menus
Supports div dropdown on
Customizable CSS
Works in all browsers
Show on top of flash content
Moving Box when mouse Hover
3 steps to install

Flash Blue Menu Pack

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Special selection of 10 menus at 62% discount (Normal price is $52).
You get all the features, files & support. Only the price differs.
The package includes:
Dock Menu XML | $5
Horizontal Reflection Menu XML | $5
Vertical Flexible XML Menu | $5
Blur Scale XML Menu Vertical | $5
Scrolling XML Menu Horizontal | $6
Scrolling XML Menu | $6
Vertical Scale Menu XML v2 | $5
Vertical Scale Menu XML | $5
Blur Scale XML Menu | $5
Horizontal Scale Menu XML | $5

XML Based Sliding Menu

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This is a simple and intresting xml based sliding menu
Features included:
-2 colors
-Unlimited Number of Menu Items
-Easy To Customize
-Set Things Up In No Time

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