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Sum best 8 out 10

Sum best 8 out 10

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I have a simple spreadsheet. Names in rows and game scores in cols. My example shows 3 names and 10 games. I want to calculate, for each player, the cumulative score for the best 8 games recorded. By best I mean highest scores. The game cells will either have a number inc zero in them or be left blank. Some players will have played less than 8 games (say 6) and then the total needs to sum up whatever they have played (say 6). The blanks need to be ignored in any calculation. I've limited excel experience can anyone help me please. spreadsheet attached. thanks Roger
ps: the final version of the spreadsheet will have 120 names and 40 games and require the best 20 out of 40; but I guess the principles will be just the same.

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1 3 5 8 3 1 7 Var Sum

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