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SUM a variable range with INDEX and MATCH

SUM a variable range with INDEX and MATCH

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The formula below works perfectly to find the number being matched but I need it to also calculate the SUM of a range with the last cell of that range being the matched cell, in this case TeamStats!F13, and the first cell of the range to be TeamStats!F5.
=IF(C6="","",IF(ISERROR(INDEX(TeamStats!F:F,MATCH($E$1&C6,TeamStats!B$1:B$1271&TeamStats!A$1:A$1271, 0)),"",INDEX(TeamStats!F:F,MATCH($E$1&C6,TeamStats!B$1:B$1271&TeamStats!A$1:A$1271,0))

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How to make a variable range in formula?

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I have a formula like this
to return the value beside "m" of a desired row "B1". A10:G10 is the range of the row of "B1" and "B1" is one of the entry in a simple database.
As the row of "B1" is a variable so the range is also a variable. Unfortunately ADDRESS cannot be nested in formula here.
Anyone has better idea?

Sum an Index Match

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I'm using the formula =INDEX(E14:E20,MATCH(E7,F14:F20,FALSE),1) which is working to bring back a result however I need to bring back a sum
I have the match word with a $ value in the adjacent cell and need to sum multiple $ values together based on the word matching

Using a Index and Match with sum bold VBA function

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I am quite new to VBA, but I was able to find the macro to sum bold cells in a given range, but I am trying to lookup a certain value in another range and if that value is found then sum bold cells within another range. I have tried several different combinations of using if(xx=xx(sumbold( , or vlookup, index and match and,using VLOOKUP() nested inside the ISERROR() function. if result is TRUE, run the macro , etc but I cannot get the formula to work.
For example:
I am hoping that someone with more experience might be able to help. If needed I will post the spreadsheet as well.
Thanks to anyone that can

Sum Variable Range

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Assuming the given data (in the image at the link below), is there a formula that I can put into D3 that will sum a given number of cells based on the value in cell D2? I can't do this with if statements because my actual data has 20 columns, and dozens of rows. (The formulas would actually be in the same row as the data, and it would be summing part of the row. and this would be repeated on each row for alternate data.)
Basically if I put 2 in I want it to sum(a6:b6), if I have 5 in D2, then I want D3 to sum(a6:e6).
I know I can figure this out easy enough with VBA, but I was wondering if there's a way to do it with a formula?

How to make variable range in excel (based on cell value)?

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I've been trying many things and browsing web with Google (including many threads in this forum), but haven't found an answer.
So, I basically want define range that varies based on another cell value. Simple example below
I have values in cells A1:A30. I want to sum a range of 10 values: e.g. sum(A1:A10). The exact starting point of this range would need to be defined by another cell, let's say B1. Two examples:
if B1 = 2, the sum range would become: sum(A3:A12)
if B1 = 5, the sum range would become: sum(A6:A15)
i.e., B1 value is added to the row number. How is this done without any complex coding/macros?
ps. I plan to use this dynamic range in functions (like sum) and in charts (to easily change the "rolling window" of source data based on a one cell value)

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