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Subtotal range of values that include errors

Subtotal range of values that include errors

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Please would someone tell me the syntax of a formula to return the total of values of numerical entries in a range of cells, some of which cells individually return the error state #N/A? Ideally I would like to use SUBTOTAL(9,.) rather than SUM() but I can live with SUM() if necessary.
I have tried
These all return #N/A as the total. This is not desired. I want the #N/A values to be ignored in the summing process.

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I'm searching for a subtotal formula, which can ignore errors.
For regular sums I use a formula like this: "{=SUM(IF(ISNUMBER
which excludes errors.
Does anyone have an idea how I can apply this to a subtotal operation?

How to Subtotal values that begin with a letter?

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I have an issue with Excel 2007.
I am able to use the subtotal function to get a dealer number for a column. If the dealer number begins with a C, my subtotal function errors with the #DIV/0!
In my sample spreadsheet, if you filter just one dealer number, the formula in A18 will work. If you switch to the last dealer C1221 it errors because of the letter. Any help would be appreciated or other methods to get this done.

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This array works nice:
But what if you want a SUBTOTAL?

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I don't know if this is even possible, but.
I'm working with Excel 2003 and am looking for a SUBTOTAL formula that ignores errors. It has to be a SUBTOTAL as the data is filtered and I need the subtotal to reflect the filtered changes.
I've tried to search the forum history and the Internet in general for a solution but with no real success.
I know I could just filter on the errors and remove them, but a formula that simply ignores them would be much less time consuming.

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I would need to sum a range of cells that match a certain condition (SUMIF), but I would need it to work as well being limited by the autofilter. anyone

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