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String search - multiple occurrences

String search - multiple occurrences

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I know I should be able to solve this but I have confused myself greatly. In the attached file I am attempting to extract a part of a string into two(2) columns. The string is defined as a text field and contains two distinct pieces of information separated by a "-". My problem is that some of the strings contain multiple "-" and I need to separate the string based upon the placement of the last (in the case of multiple) "-".
The attached file gives examples of the string, my desired Field 1 and Field 2 and the current results of my formulas. I would prefer to do this outside of VBA. Any assistance, or direction to a good Excel string tutorial, given will be

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Search string in multiple cells

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I have a set of cells that have a value of letters in them, say "PM123" in cell D1. I want to compare that value to multiple cells, say in A1, B1 and C1, and see if it is in there.
However I want to search if it's partially in there, so if "PM123" is what I am looking for in cell D1, I want it to be found if it is in B1 as "ZZPM123XX", and the same true if it is cell A1 or C1.
Any ideas? I have tried find, iserror, if statements, none of which I can get to work with multiple cells, searching only part of the cell, and alpha chars.

Search a string for a specific word

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In my spreadsheet, I have a column where each cell contain a string. For example one cell may have the string 'ICU:Mayo Clinic', while another cell may have 'ICU:Mountain View'. and so on. Other cells can have a string that does not say ICU. for example it could be 'Ward: Foothills Hospital'.
I would like search and return the number of occurrences for 'ICU' within that column.

Counting Multiple Occurrences of Text in a Cell

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Looking for the most efficient way to determine the position of the LAST occurrence of specific text in a cell. So, if A1 contained AbcdefgAhijklmAnopqrstAuvwxyAz, and my criterion was "A", then I would like the formula in B1 to return 29.
It's annoying that neither FIND nor SEARCH has an "occurrence" option. I can build a compound formula using multiple uses of FIND, but it's hugely inefficient since I don't know what the maximum number of occurrences will be.

Where found in multiple folders

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In a cell I have a text string.C0023. I would like to have some VBA code or other way which will take that string and search in a specific folder which contains sub-folders and return a list of all the excel files which contain that string. I can do a search with the Microsoft search engine to obtain the list, so if it that can be set up to run with code, that should be good. I have searched forums and Googled but trying to phrase the question clutters the results.

Search for occurences of text string from a list

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I am trying to come up with a formula that will allow me to check whether a particular text string exists in a cell and if it does write that value in the adjacent cells.
To explain, I have a column containing about 50k text phrases. I have another column on a separate worksheet containing about 7k place names. I want to check every cell in the first column to see if there are any occurrences of any of the place names from the second list. If there is a match then the value from the second list should be written to the adjacent cell in the first list. I have attached a sample workbook to clarify.
The lookup needs to be case insensitive but should only match whole words (ie London should match with London but chester should not match with Manchester). Also some of the place names in the second list are multiple words.

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Do you want to run your own multiple search engine hub? Well, our advanced search engine script uses ajax technology to integrate the worlds biggest websites into one easy to use website.
The script allows visitors to search through the best search engines, blog portals, social networks, video sites and torrent hubs.
Its really easy for visitors to use. Just select the search engine and type the search query. They are then re-directed to their selected website.

Multiple Site Search - Google - Yahoo - Live/MSN - Ask

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-Search 4 different engines, Google, Yahoo, Live/MSN and Ask.
-Normal, Image and Video Search results.
-Enter button returns normal search result.
-Drag and Drop movieclip into your existing Flash site or HTML based site.
-Opens in Flash CS3 or above, programmed in Actionscript 2 and will play in Flash Player 8 or above.

JavaScript Trim String

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Javascript trim is a string function. It will trim all leading and trailing occurrences of whitespace characters.
This JavaScript removes any excess whitespace (spaces, tabs, line breaks, etc) from both sides of a string.

FirstStop WebSearch Business Edition

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FirstStop WebSearch? Business Edition is a fast, easy to use tool that leverages the power of search engines and minimizes their drawbacks by doing the things that you wish search engines could do.
* Search multiple engines all at once.
-- Use more than one search engine to get comprehensive search results.
* Save and export search results to office and web applications.
-- Supported formats: XML, HTML, RSS, CSV, MS Word, MS Excel, plain text
* Get all search results instead of only 10 per page.
-- Get all available search results in a single list. Save the time you would spend browsing multiple search results pages and copying results to your list 10 or 20 at a time.
* Automatically conduct multiple searches.
-- Batch searching is an effective way to carry out a large number of searches.

Search Engine Plus

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A Web based search engine which can read flat ASCII database file (csv format) exported from software such as MS Excel and MS Access using tab, comma or the pipe (|) character as the field delimitor.
All database fields are searchable. Both simple keywords search and multiple fields complex search (using "AND" operator) are supported.
Supports multi-screen search reports. You can tell the software how many items are to be displayed on each screen of the search report. Items in the search report can be displayed under alternate background colors.
Supports English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, French and many more language character sets via the setting of the "charset" parameter.

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