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standard deviation graph

standard deviation graph

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I have values that are produced every 3 minutes. I have calculated the standard deviation of those values for each hour for a 7 month span. That is
How do I make a bell shaped curve with these values?

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2d-Column (Clustered Column) chart with Standard Deviation Bars

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have a 2-D clustered column chart that shows the mean value of 4 different samples using chunky blue coloured bars.
What I would also like to do is, on the same graph, show the standard deviation of each sample on the relevant blue bar, such that a vertical line is inserted in the middle of each of the blue bars that shows 1 standard deviation up the way and one standard deviation down the way (i.e. so that it looks like 2 letter "T"'s, symmetrically above and below each other).
I've not explained that very well but I hope someone knows roughly what I'm
trying to do - its really a typical statistical chart that shows both mean and standard deviation on the same graph.
I can post an image if this site allows and if it would be useful.

How do I create a bell graph for standard deviation?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have 15 data points with a predetermined mean. How do I create a bell
graph to show the standard deviation lines and all of the data points along

graphing data with standard deviaton

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

after finding the standard deviation of my data how do I graph/plot the data in Excel having +3 standard deviation and -3 standard deviation thank you for

Up/Downside standard deviation

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

on how to compute a up/downside standard deviation from a data series?
Also, a harmonic and geometric mean with negative values?

How to use "standard deviation" option in Y error bar menu?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

Suppose I have some values and I compute the mean, which I plot in a bar graph as one bar. Now, in the Format Data Series menu, under the Y error bar tab, I see the option of "Standard deviation" and "Standard error". I can't
figure out how to use those; what I do now is put the stdev() of the values into a separate cell and use that cell in the "Custom" field of the Y error bar tab. But this must be the clumsy way of doing it, if it has "Standard deviation" and "Standard error" as built-in options. Presumably for it to use "Standard deviation" and "Standard error" it has to know (I have to
select) the whole series of numbers, but then how do I tell it to plot the mean as the value of the bar itself?

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