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Stacked Bar and Line on Same Graph

Stacked Bar and Line on Same Graph

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Is it possible to produce, on a single graph, a stacked bar chart and a line chart with left vertical axis showing bar scale and right vertical axis showing line scale.
. heres hoping .

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Combination Stacked Bar and Line Graph

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I am trying to create a combination stacked bar and line graph whereby the data for the stacked bar relates to one axis and the line to a second axis.

Cluster stacked graph AND line combo graph?

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Is there a way to create a cluster stacked bar graph AND a line combo graph all in one chart?
My data layout:
Set 1 - Stacked Bar - Showing values A and B Set 2 - Stacked Bar - Showing values C and D Set 3 - Line graph with line connection
These 3 sets would each be in one category. For example, I would want to show Q1 with all 3 sets, Q2 with all 3 sets. etc.

Excel Graphing - combining line graph with stacked bar

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I have created a 3D graph with a stacked bar to present sales by product line. I would like to add a line graph to this graph for the cost of media buy to show its relationship to sales.
Is there a way to change the graph type for just one column of the data?
If so, is there a way to use the left side of the graph for the sales dollar scale and the right side for the advertising dollar scale?

3D stacked bar and line chart on same graph

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Using Excel 2007, I have created a 3D stacked bar chart and now need to add a
3D or 2D line chart (different Y data set, same X) with the 2nd Y axis. I
have tried using the online manual but haven't found anything useful. Does anyone have a suggestions for me to try?

Chart Help

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Does anyone know how to combine a line bar bar graph with a stacked bar graph?
Basically the graph would have 4 bars and then the 5th bar would be a stacked bar while the rest of the bars remain solid. Here is a link to a picture I posted on the UK forums. So far everyone has told me it is impossible, but I don't believe it is.
I have tried everything I could think of, but I ended up using Microsoft

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AutoGRAPH Bar Graph Generator

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AutoGraph allows you to easily customize and set up graphs in seconds. All you need to set up your own bar graph is to resize the background box to your dimensions, and set how many bars as well as what information it needs to show. You can easily change margins, sizes, colors, text colors etc without diggin through the library or code.
Its perfect if you deal with bars or charts to display data for corporate clients. It cant get easier than this!

XML Animated bar chart graph with pop up details

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XML Animated bar graph sales / product chart with pop-up details.
Fully Customizable XML driven graph/chart with animated bars and fading pop-up details window. Everything is editable from within the XML file (no need for Flash program). Just open the XML with your favorite text editor!
~ Virtually unlimited amount of items/bars can be displayed.
~ Choose to have the bars grow individually or simultaneously.
~ Fine-tune all item values.
~ Highly Flexible XML

Premium Interactive Multi Charts Compilation XML

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This file is a nice high-quality value pack worth $66USD. It is a compilation of all our premium multi chart components. The following chart types are included: line chart, area chart, curve chart, stacked bar chart, regular bar chart, wave chart, pie chart, step chart.
All charts can be XML driven. Many parameters can be set. Take a look into the preview to get an impression or visit the components product overview pages.
Components included:
- Multi Bar Chart
- Multi Line/Area Chart
- Multi Pie Chart
- Multi Curve Chart
- Multi Wave Chart
- Multi Step Chart

Chart Animation Script

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Animated Chart script generator allows you to create a bar graph table of the data given to it. This is a graph and chart animated javascript which can be incorparated into any webpages. Just input the data of the involved elements, the animated script will chart out an XY Graph.
a) The Chart animation generator is compatible with all main browsers.
b) This script will dymanically draw the graph from the given values.
c) It automatically scales the axes.
d) Bar colors, fonts, chart colors, can be easily customised.

PHP Bar Graph Generator

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Charts

This script is loaded using an image tag and generates data based on information added as GET parameters.

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