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is there a way of allowing all users to sort data using a macro function (key stroke or linked to an object) whilst having the worksheet protected to stop formulas ect. being tampered with / ruined!

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How to sort protected worksheet in Excel 07? Doesn't work.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have built a protected worksheet with data that is in a sort table. I have set the protection to allow auto filtering and sorting, and Excel displays the ability to sort a-z or z-a, but selecting these functions does nothing. It does allow me to filter based upon data in the columns, but not to sort. If I unprotect the worksheet, everything works fine, but I can't leave it unprotected for the end-users.

sort protected cells

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

How come when protecting a worksheet I can select the sort option for users but cannot sort when its protected

Sorting a protected worksheet

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have a worksheet setup for employees to enter progress statistics, sorted by "course name"
The first 5 columns rely on user input, but the last 3 columns I have locked as they are populated by formula and I was fed up with them being
The problem we now have is that when adding a new row of data the user can not sort the data alphabetically by course name as they get the message "cells locked, got to unprotect etc.
Is there anyway to still allow them to apply the sort as required and still keep the last 3 columns protected.

Allowing sort of protected cells

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have data within certain cells I want to protect but I also want to allow sorting of those same cells. In other words, I want to allow users to sort ALL cells (protected and unprotected) but restrict them from changing the values of of the protected cells. I can't seem to find an answer.

Sorting tables on protected worksheets

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

How do we configure our worksheet so that we can turn protection ON, but still enable the table filter buttons in order to sort columns in a table?
No matter what settings we select for protection, including the sort and auto-filter options, we cannot sort tables on a protected sheet. What is the secret to allowing table sorts on a protected sheet?

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Pointers to Functions

Free: Yes
Tags: C++ › Excel Functions Pointers

Up to this point we have been discussing pointers to data objects. C also permits the declaration of pointers to functions. Pointers to functions have a variety of uses and some of them will be discussed here.
Consider the following real problem. You want to write a function that is capable of sorting virtually any collection of data that can be stored in an array. This might be an array of strings, or integers, or floats, or even structures. The sorting algorithm can be the same for all. For example, it could be a simple bubble sort algorithm, or the more complex shell or quick sort algorithm. Well use a simple bubble sort for demonstration purposes.

Sort Tables Columns using JavaScript

Free: No
Tags: JavaScript › Excel Sorting Data

Implementing a table sort, allowing the ability to sort a table by a column, is a common task and the most implemented solution is to send a request to the server for a new page containing the sorted table. Dynamic Table is a javascript table sort tool which uses javascript to allow client side sorting of your data tables.
With Dynamic Table you can make any data table sortable with just one javascript include and one call to an initialization function. After the call the table will can be sorted by clicking on any of the table headers. Because Dynamic Table sorts at the client side it removes unneccessary load on the server and reduces bandwidth usage while at the same time providing near instantaneous response times for the user.
As an added bonus Dynamic Table also allows the user to hide/show the columns they want to see. This can be a real boon in tables with many columns where only a small subset of the data is required.

Gatekeeper Password Protected Pages

Free: Yes

This user friendly script allows you to password protect your Web site/pages. The password is the filename without the .html ending. This password for this example is gatekeeper-in.

ASP Login Script

Free: Yes
Tags: ASP › Excel User Authentication

The ASP Login script is a simple script that allows you to create a password protected area off your web site for either a members area or to protect pages that you don't want others to have access too.
The script uses a password protected Access Database to store the names of users so you can have as many users as you like as long as they have different user names.
When a user tries to access a protected page a session variable that is set when the user logs in is checked to see if the user is valid. Session variables require that the user has session cookies enabled on there browser.

GeekMember - Subscription/Membership management system

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel User Management

Don't spend another minute managing the memberships to your website. Through the use of the simple online interface, create multiple membership types and let the software manage the memberships for you. With Automatic re-billing, deactivation of unpaid accounts, instant activation for new members, it absolutely couldn't be any easier!
This script manages subscriptions to ONE protected directory on your server. Directory can be anywhere on your server.
The demo links below are to the Admin area where you can add yourself as a member. Then click the member link which will take you to the protected area for this demo
When ordering, be aware that the zip file is password protected and the ordering process will have to be approved by an admin in order to be able to download the product. Once the product is purchased, please allow up to 24 hours for your password to be emailed to you.

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