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Solving exponential

Solving exponential

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The data below represent x and y values which fit an exponential equation
is there a way to use the solver to establish what x is when y is zero?
I need to do this for thousands of data sets like these so it needs to be fairly painless!
The answer is about 480!

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Solving for an exponential variable (x) of e

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Not sure if this would be able to be solved using solver, having trouble, help greatly appreciated
How would I solve for this using excel. Answer= 0.10127
(divided by 100 both sides, ult by -4)
-4* ln(97.5/100)=-x(1/4) *-4
This is for deterring continuously compounded zero rates
Bond price= Bond principle (e)^r(t)

Exponential Regression

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Is there any way to perform an exponential regression that provides an output comparable to that given by the data analysis add-in? I have used LOGEST, but I would much prefer having a residual plot, probability plot etc. made available.

Exponential equations

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How do I enter and exponential equation in a cell?

Data read from exponential graph

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I would like to read y data from the established exponential graph (as shown in attachment) from each x value: 2.25, 2.26, 2.27.
How can I show these values y on the graph? I'm currently using Microsoft Excel 2007.

exponential functions

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I'm attempting to model a set of data with an exponential model
and I'm getting different results from using the trendline vs
the functions (logest and growth).?

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CodeTangler: Protect your PHP source code

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obfuscation is a surefire way to encrypt your source code and protect it from being stolen. CodeTangler Pro is a PHP obfuscator and encoder for solving this problem. CodeTangler will perform everything from the simplest methods such as stripping out whitespace to encoding your source code into a labyrinth of tangled yet runnable code. You have the option to choose what you wish to do with your source code and how you wish to obfuscate it.
CodeTangler Pro can scan your source code files for all comments, variables, functions, and classes as well as the statistics of their occupation within the total source code. Scanning source code is necessary in order to obfuscate it later. Once your project is scanned, you may modify any functions, classes, and variables scanned as well as their corresponding obfuscated replacement values.
The main solution in CodeTangler is to obfuscate and replace any PHP source code files in the project with newly made files containing the same program structure but containing different values for functions, variables, and classes. Since CodeTangler does not store the original source code files nor does it make any attempt to back up selected files for the project, IT IS ADVISABLE TO RETAIN AN ORIGINAL COPY OF YOUR PHP SOURCE CODE!
A new and interesting feature of CodeTangler Pro is the ability to encrypt your source code and offer a second level of security for your projects using one of our PHP source code encoders. In this product distribution, only two encoders are bundled with CodeTangler Pro: Inside-Out Encoder (more simple and not as secure but does offer another level of protection from pure source code files) and the Labyrinth PHP Encoder (more advanced and very tough encryption for your project files). All encoded source code files do not depend on any runtimes or installed modules to run on regular PHP web space.

Premium Memory Puzzle Game XML/AS3

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This is a premium memory matching puzzle game. The card flip animation is real 3d taking advantage of the Flash player 10 native 3d capabilities. It supports furthermore real-time shading and motion blur. The memory game can be of any size with as many cards as you like. The cards can have any size. The grid for placing the cards can be freely chosen. Cards with different images can be declared to match (e.g. a shoe and a hat should match because they are related in terms of clothes). It can be configured that not only 2 cards have to be matched like in the classic game but you can declare an arbitrary set of cards with all kind of images to have to be matched (in the demo above e.g. there are three shoes to be found .
The component is freely resizable and XML driven. A puzzle can be easily defined in a XML file. This puzzle XML file allows you to set
- a cover picture
- You can freely define a memory grid/distribution for the cards in rows and columns (53 or 62 e.g.)
- as many memory images to be discovered as you like. If you specify more images than fit in the grid the relevant ones will be chosen randomly.
- Whether matched cards should disappear or stay on the stage.
- a time limit for solving the puzzle(s) if desired
- once you finished a puzzle it is presented to you a results screen with some key statistics and a score
- if the players results should be stored in your database (it is saved to the database: players email, date of play, score, time, percentage completed, id of the puzzle played)
- you can set the importance the time should have in the score
- if the game should be in exam or regular mode (in exam mode the hint functionality is disabled)
- it can be configured how fast the card should flip around
- show duration can be freely set (this is the time a flipped card is shown before be hidden again if it is not matching)
There is a PHP / MySQL back-end included to store the players results in a database. FlashVars are supported to set the puzzle XML file location in the HTML file.

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