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Set begin/end times in a bar chart

Set begin/end times in a bar chart

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I am trying to set up a employee shift schedule with a floating bar chart for approx. 30 employees. I can get the bar to start at the right time, but it does not end at the correct time. How can I accomplish this? I have to print out a daily schedule on a weekly basis so I would like to create a reusable chart for this function. I am using Excel and Powerpoint.

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Graphing events (bar from begin to end)

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Thought I would see how to do this but need help.
I want to show a horizontal bar that begins at time T1 and ends at time T2
(yes, the X-axis would be time of day). The y-axis value would be the name of the event. For this data (already in Excel), the event name is unique as there is only one set of data per name.
How can this be done in Excel? (2003 or 2007)

How do I set up a stacked bar chart using military times?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

When my values are time, whether they are regular or military, the bottom bar is correct, but the others are not. As an example, if I want a stacked bar that shows the following 3 times: start work 8:00 lunch 12:30 clock out 16:30
how do I get the bars displayed correctly as well as the "displayed values"?

Calculating Hours Worked from Shift Begin and Shift End

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I have
Any ideas how to calculate the lengths of the shifts? I REALLY don't want to have to manually put in all of the start and end times again in another format if I can avoid it!

Bar Chart 2007 Excel

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

Issues Start End Duration Foundation Design 22-Dec-04 23-Aug-06 609
Stone Cladding 16-Nov-04 3-Jul-06 594
Security W & D 4-May-05 15-Dec-05 225
(The 4 columns are Issues, Start, End, Duration)
I want a bar chart with issues on the left side & dates at the bottom.
I would like the bars to start on the start date & extend to the end date.
Is this possible with a bar chart or another type chart?
I cannot get it to work.

bar chart on 2 axis

Free: Yes
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I am trying to create a bar chart. I have 9 series for which each have 2 sets of data value. I want to create a bar chart where each series is represented by 1 bar, with the chart having one set of values along the x axis and one along the y axis. I am having great difficulty with this. Can you help at all?

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This file is a nice high-quality value pack worth $66USD. It is a compilation of all our premium multi chart components. The following chart types are included: line chart, area chart, curve chart, stacked bar chart, regular bar chart, wave chart, pie chart, step chart.
All charts can be XML driven. Many parameters can be set. Take a look into the preview to get an impression or visit the components product overview pages.
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BarChart is an XML driven charting application for displaying bar charts. Simply edit the XML file with your data (bar heights) and your settings (such as spacing, colors, etc). Execute the .swf file and you are done!
- unlimited bars
- scrolling bar with preview
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- main title and sub-title
- labels
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XML Animated bar graph sales / product chart with pop-up details.
Fully Customizable XML driven graph/chart with animated bars and fading pop-up details window. Everything is editable from within the XML file (no need for Flash program). Just open the XML with your favorite text editor!
~ Virtually unlimited amount of items/bars can be displayed.
~ Choose to have the bars grow individually or simultaneously.
~ Fine-tune all item values.
~ Highly Flexible XML

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Customization of Bar 3D Button component parameters; Explanation of what parameters do on Included Readme file.

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