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Separate text string so each character is in a different cell

Separate text string so each character is in a different cell

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I am trying to take a string of text and have each character in the string separated to different cells.
For instance: on Sheet 1 / Cell B10 I have the word "MONROE". I want that word broken down and on Sheet 2 / Cell B1 have the "M", Cell B2 "O", Cell B3 "N", so on and so forth.
I am a Police Officer, and this is for a Crash Report.

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check if the text string start with a specific character

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I want to know how do I check if the text string starts with a specific character in if statement.
I used .
=IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("v",'A2)),"OK","Not OK")
But, the result for this argument returns the text string which includes "v" anywhere in the text string.
I just want to the text string which begins with "v".
How can I make it?

Position for the 3rd and 4th appearance of a character in a text string

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm looking for an Excel function (not a VBA) which returns the position of the 3rd and 4th time a specific character appears in a text string - for example @
Example text string in cell A1:
In the text string above - the position of the 3rd and 4th time the @ is displayed is position 13 and position 16
I have tried to use the =FIND() function - but the problem is that I then have to refer back to the 'previous' cell to find the 'start_num' and I would like to have the columns independent of each other.

Need 9th Charachter from LEFT in text string

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I am looking for help with a formula. What I want is a formula that will give me the 10th character in a text string. For example if I have the following text string:
The formula should return 1 as that is the 10th character in the string (also including decimals)
I used the formula = LEFT(A1,10) but that returned the entire text string up to the 10th character = A.00578.1
I just need something that will return the 10th character from the left.

Separate a string of text from a cell

Free: Yes
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I am using excel 2010 and needed some help extracting a string of text from a bunch of cells. I already know how to use the mid function but the thing about the text is that it is not the same amount of characters.
Basically this is what I have:
The one thing in common the cells have is that the text that I need to extract starts right after the slash. From that scenario I need to pull out "Extract" in the first cell and "EvenMore" for the second.

Finding a character within a text string

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I'm having a little trouble with detecting symbols within text.
To cut to the chase, a new worksheet is created by the user instigating an 'Add new contact' macro. He enters the name of the contact into a text box. What I want to do is prevent the user entering the symbols [ ] * / : ? - none of which are legal characters for sheet tabs.
I want to achieve this by searching the text string for the above symbols. If one (or more) is found, bounce back to the user informing him that he has used an 'illegal' character and invite him to try again.
So, my question is how do I search the text string?

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Arabic Character

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Arabic character with animated hands.

Text Helper / String Helper Class

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Text Helper is a PHP helper class, use it to speed up your development.
Currently it supports eleven major operations, and more features are coming.
You are welcome to leave comments on what functions you are looking for, I will try my best to add as many as possible.
Text Helper is made to make string manipulation easy for developers, it uses native string functions to complete it tasks, but encapsulate the code from you.
autoEmail, autoUrl, truncate, extractBetween, toSlug, stripTags, stripImages, stripScripts, stripWhitespace, noHtml, html

Rondom Typer: LCD Text

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Tags: Flash › Excel Text Effects

This component simulates the effect of LCD display with random generated text. All you need to do is to create a TextFiled with dynamic content and to add two lines of Actions Script code. You can use the constructor of the class to create an object form type RandomTyper, or start the INIT method.
The class has following properties:
Text:String - the text which will be typed
Speed:Number - speed of typing (this is actually the time between the typing of two characters, this meat as high the number is as slow the text will be typed)
Delay:Number - number of the wrong character that will be generated before the correct appear
Target:TextField - The text filed which will contain the typed text

Random Menu

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Loads the menu content from an xml file and creates the look "roll over", it randomly generates a string and shuffle each character until desired character is reached.

PHP Advanced String Classes

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This is the complete multi-byte and binary safe PHP string processing solution that enables you to: validate input data types (alpha, numeric, date, IP, email, URL , hex), change case, apply string effects (shorten, shuffle, scramble, reverse, make URL SEO friendly), generate passwords, generate GUIDs, process and extract characters, words and sentences, compute statistics (word count, unique word count, char count), numbers extraction, substring searching and replacing, padding, trimming, splitting, word wrapping, html processing, encrypting, encoding, censoring, spell checking, spell auto correcting etc.
All the methods and classes have full support for any language character set or alphabet through a customizable configuration class.
Main Features
- full multi-byte and binary safe support;
- multilanguage support: UTF -8 customizable alphabet set (letters and digits);
- string loading from urls or local files;
- data type validations: alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, date, integer, float, IP address, email addresss, URL , HTML hex color, casing;
- string casing: uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, random case, capital case;
- string effects: shorten, emphasize, character shuffling, word scrambling, reversing, URL SEO friendly;
- string altering and modification: inserting, appending, replacing, padding, trimming, splitting, wrapping;
- string generators: password, GUIDs, repeater, number spelling;
- string checking: methods like endsWith, startsWith, compare, inRange, contains;
- string data extracting: characters, unique characters, words, unique words, numbers, searching;
- statistics: string length, character counting, unique character counting, word counting, unique word counting;
- HTML string processing: converting to HTML compatible, tag enclosing;
- string encoding: base64, rot13, Uu, HTML ;
- string encrypting: md5, sha1, crc32;
- string computations: soundex, soundex similarity percent, metaphone, metaphone similarity percent, intersection, levenshtein, levensthein similarity percent, sounds like similarity;
- dictionary based string censoring;
- dictionary based or custom service based spell checking: misspelled words emphasizing and auto correcting;

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