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select item in combobox

select item in combobox

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I'd like to select a value in a combobox. The combobox is filled whir an array, the second column contains the search string.
l = Me.cmbGB1.ListCount
For I = 1 To l
If Me.cmbGB1.List(i, 1) = 800 Then Me.cmbGB1.List(i, 1).Select

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Looping through a combobox

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Im trying to loop through a combobox for its values. Is this possible anyway?
So for example, I have a combobox with the following values:
Now I would like to loop through these values, so something like:
For each item in combobox
msgbox item.value
next item
Im actually trying to get rid of duplicates when filling the combobox on an userform. I know how to do this if the combobox is on a sheet and the values in cells, but I cannot manage to do the same when the combobox is on an userform and the values are entered in textboxes and the same combobox.
I hope to see some answers,

Combobox refresh

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I have a spreadsheet with 2 comboboxes on it. The listlessness of the second combobox depends on the value in the first combobox but when I select a value from the first combobox then click and choose a value from the second combobox, I get cells on my spreadsheet that will not calculate. If I click on the second combobox a second time and choose the same item again, then all is well. It is almost as if excel has to refresh in order for the listlessness to change in the second combobox. Is this the problem?

Excel VBA ComboBox Add Item

Free: Yes
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Im using the .additem to add items to a combobox. I would like the item to be added at the TOP of the list rather than the bottom of the list. How can I make this dream become a reality?

Transferring Data From Excel Into VB6 Combobox

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I am locating a sheet inside of Excel(I've got this), but when I try to take the data from this sheet, I am getting an error. (Object doesn't support this property or method) I have referenced the Excel Library, but can't quite seem to figure this one out. I would really appreciate the help.
objExcel.Range("A9").Select (Works)
objExcel.Range(objExcel.Selection, objExcel.Selection.End(xlDown)).Select (Works)
Set Item = objExcel.ActiveCell.Selection (This is where my error is)
For Each Item In Selection
If IsEmpty(Item) Then
GoTo Again
End If
cboPcMark.AddItem Item

Help With ComboBox Output

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have 2 worksheets, Sheet1 and Sheet2.
Sheet1 has contact information about people in four columns: Column A = Name, Column B = Home Phone#, Column C = Business Phone #, Column D = Cell Phone #. I have data in rows 1-75.
On Sheet2 I want to have a combobox that allows me to select from my names (Sheet1!A1:A75), and to output the entire row of data (i.e., name and all 3 phone numbers) to Row1 on Sheet1.
Then, I want to select a second name from the combobox, and have the output (name and phone numbers) go to the next available row (e.g., Row2) under the previous output. Then, select a 3rd name, etc., etc.

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XML FLV Combobox Rotator

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- All data can be changed in the XML file
- Supports HTML formatting for video content
- Supports multiple FLV files
- First visible item selection
- Dynamic dropdown list
- Video duration times in playlist
- Supports video streaming with buffer
- Fullscreen video mode option
- Info video mode option
- Video title & description font size, color, background color, alpha can be changed from XML
- You can set volume, buffer time via XML.

APNSoft ComboBox: ASP.NET ComboBox

Free: No
Tags: ASP.NET › Excel Forms

APNSoft ComboBox is a professional replacement for the classic ASP.NET ComboBox (ASP.NET DropDownList) component.
It provides powerful, unique and useful capabilities for building web application user interface. You can use icons, separators, user-defined slider arrows, rulers, backgrounds, etc.
APNSoft ComboBox is developed as a fully managed .NET server control. It generates DHTML output using an XML source with the ComboBox structure that can be obtained from a static file or programmatically. The product includes intelligent behaviour support: auto and smooth content scrolling, transition effects, etc.

dhtmlxCombo :: Ajax Autocomplete Combobox

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Tags: Ajax › Excel Auto Complete Forms

dhtmlxCombo is a cross-browser JavaScript combobox with an autocomplete feature. It extends basic select box functionality and provides the ability to display suggestions while a user types in the text field. dhtmlxCombo can be converted from existing instances of HTML Select, or populated with JavaScript. With Ajax data loading, it can get the list of values dynamically from the server datasource.


Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Carousel

- Dynamically generated Item List from XML file
- Hover Tooltips with HTML -tag formatted text
- URL or function call on press
How to use:
Just open the XML file and add your pictures, descriptions and URL links.

Smart XML ComboBox - DropDown - AS3

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Tags: Flash › Excel Drop Down Menus

XML driven slider component. Suitable for contact forms, quizzes, FEATURES :
- Width of the combo box can be set in xml
- Mouse wheel support(both Mac & PC)
- Number of visible buttons before scrolling is set in XML
- Colors are set in XML file
- Call functions from XML file
- Combo button can have a icon
- Combo box is very easy to customize
- All data editable through XML is well documented

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