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Select & Clear Entire Row Based on Cell Value

Select & Clear Entire Row Based on Cell Value

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The idea is that a value is dropped into a cell (A3) via a drop down list
I would like the entire row that that particular value exists to be selected and then after a message box warning, clear the contents of that row. The first row that any data exists starts at A15, and the last column of data would be column AF

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Entire row select and delete !

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I've got a large Excel file that I need to keep 1 record in 7.
So I'll run through it with a Rows = 1 to 100 loop.
I'll select an entire row if one cell meets a certain criteria and delete the entire row.
What's the command for selecting entire rows and is it possible to delete such selections ?
Please the commands.
I thought it was
but that doesn't compile.
I'd like the row to disappear so I might use a shift 1up command.

select entire column based on cell value

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in my macro, I'm trying to have the macro select an entire column (ie W) based on the cell value my users will input ( ie W). Here is my code with the column value hard coded.
' Macro2 Macro

Conditional format an entire row based on one cell

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Is there any way to have an entire row shaded based on a value in that row. I want rows to be shaded once if a date in the row has passed.
I have tried using the =IF($V3<TODAY,1,0) and then selecting my shading colour, having highlighted the entire row, but nothing happened. Any help would

Find & Replace

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Is it possible to replace the contents of an entire row if that row has a cell which was found with the F & R function?
When using the F&R function it found 132 instances of the find criteria. I would like to clear the contents of the entire row for all 132 matches.

how to select entire row and column in a sigle cell selection

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I want to select the entire row and entire column on selecting a single cell.

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