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Secondary axis.

Secondary axis.

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I need to create a 2d bar graph with two different axis. I have used the secondary axis in the format series option but can not get the bars to display next to each other, they keep over lapping. In total I have 3 series for each section, the bar on the secondary axis keeps overlapping between the other two on the primary axis. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening.
the primary axis is percentages and the secondary axis is a value.

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Primary X axis to Secondary X axis

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have Excel 2003 and set up a chart with a secondary axis. Excel is
defaulting to listing my first two values on the Primary X axis and the third value on the Secondary X axis. What I need is the reverse. I need the first value as the Prime X axis and last two values as the Secondary X axis. How so I switch a single value from Prime to Secondary X axis.

Secondary Axis not crossing at zero

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have a chart with a primary and secondary axis.
Values for the primary axis range from 0 to 260, values for the secondary axis range from -50% to 50%.
I would like to have the zeros on both axis line up, so that the negative percentages on the secondary axis are clearly identifiable. I can't find a way to do it.
In the default chart, the x axis crosses the primary y-axis at 0, but the 0 on the secondary y-axis is at approximately the same height as the value 50 on the primary axis.

Secondary Axis

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I am trying to create a chart with one y axis as x and a secondary axis as 100-x. Is there a way to do that? When I add a secondary axis Excel picks
the values for that axis I want to pick the values.

Primary and secondary Y axis should cut X axis at same value

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a chart in excel 2010 where the primary Y axis on the left shows returns in % (plotted as a column chart) and the secondary Y axis on the right shows the cumulative return also in % (plotted as a line chart).
Now the problem I am having is that the secondary Y axis instead of cutting the X-axis at 0 (just like the primary Y axis does) cuts it at some random value. Now to remedy this I set the option 'Horizontal axis crosses at' to 0.0 but this does not seem to work and the secondary Y axis still does not cut the X-axis at 0.
Any other ideas how this problem can be remedied?

primary/secondary axis next to each other

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I recently installed Office 2007 and my charts that have a primary and secondary vertical axis now has the secondary axis just to the left of the primary. I hope thats not how 2007 is suppose to look. How can I get hte
secondary axis back over to the right of the chart?

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Google Chart Scroller/Zoomer

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Create your own Google Chart and this jQuery plugin will transform it into a zoomable scrollable chart!
It creates a smaller chart that is not zoomed-in below. Then, using your mouse, you can zoom in and scroll across the x axis.
You can even pass in a date range for the x axis and it will create the x axis labels for you. Thats something that the Google Chart API doesnt provide you. Then, you can also pass in a date just like you do in PHP to get the labels formatted just the way you want.
You have complete control over the styles and colors. The Google Chart API allows you to customize any colors, fonts, etc. in the graphs and every generated HTML element has a class applied for easy CSS styling (it only generates 9 elements).

The Unit Circle - Trigonometric Functions

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If youre a flash developer you definitely need to know the origins of the trigonometric functions. Ill start by saying that the SIN function is reflection of an angle on the Y-axis, and COS a reflection of an angle on the X-axis. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, then, take a look for yourself. Enjoy
- Interactive Utility
- A visual representation of the Trigonometric Functions
- Find angles using the TAN function
- And finally start using Trigonometric Functions in your next project.

Animated Points Chart

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Charts

XML Animated Points Chart is completely generated in AS code using XML information
- You can set from AS the colors for caption and tool tip text
- You can edit general properties from XML
- The position of the chart.
- The width and height of the chart.
- Also can animate in a synchronized movement.
- Position for the captions
- Minimum and maximum values for Y axis.
- Interval value for grids in Y axis.
- Space between periods.
- Also can edit for each serie (XML)
- Light and Dark color for each serie
- Line color of the points
- The caption of the series
- You can add more periods and more series.

Elegant Neon pre-loader Horizontal Drag&drop

Free: No
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Included are too versions an External SWF pre-loader and the internal pre-loader both are customizeable and are fully commented. The preloader consists of 2 percentage based bars which scale x axis (Horizontal)according to the % of loaded content.
A percentage indicator displays the percentage number loaded and follows the main y axis loadbar. The movement of the percentage indicator is percentage & animation based i.e. every 1percent increase will move the indicator 1 frame each time until 100% is reached.

Advanced line chart applet

Free: No
Tags: Java › Excel Charts

With this advanced line chart applet you can setup an interactive chart of your data. Many advanced features are included, such as a tip text window and curve fitting abilities.
- Smooth bezier curves can be fitted to your data.
- The applet has a tip text measurer, which is activated when the user moves the mouse pointer across the chart.
- An unlimited number of curves are supported and axis ranges are automatically calculated for the curves.
- A color value, label text and tip text description for each line can be specified.
- Supports a background image.
- Specify font type, font size and font style of the text and title.
- You can specify the axis color, text color, title color, selection color, background color, the description text and background color.
- Compatible with any Java compatible browser.

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