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search field within dropdown

search field within dropdown

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I'm sure this is just a setting somewhere, but I'm having trouble finding it. when I'm in a pivot table, and adjusting the report filter, a drop-down list with all my options appear. I remember when working on other versions of excel there was a search box at the top of this drop-down box. I would be able to type in a portion of what I was looking for, and return only the fields that have what I typed in. the version I'm working on now does not have that "search box".
any help on how I might be able to turn on that setting?

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Populate a dropdown field from another sheet.

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I want to auto-populate a field with data from another sheet, but the kicker is the field I want to populate has a dropdown and I want to keep this.
1) The field being populated has a drop down. Normally I would use a simple VLookup to bring the data in, but the dropdown limits this.
2) I want to keep the dropdown. I want to keep the ability for people to change the populated data, but also want to restrict their options.
3) Have very limited experience with Macros (VBA). Is this going to require VBA?

Display column based on dropdown

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I have column 1 with a dropdown field in a cell, columns to the left have dropdown field names like forumula1, forumula2,forumula3,forumula4
Below are rows with data.
Please see attached file to see what I mean. I tried using hlookup but it does not work.

Search Field

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Does anyone have any idea how to create anything similar to a 'search field?'. This would be a means of right-clicking into a field and entering a word or partial word to search for records meeting that criteria or something better.

Currently, this field stores a variety of search words in the format and for example:

Entering any of these words in that field will return all relevant records but I am not sure this is the best way to do it.

Need alphabatically matching dropdown like in search engine as in google

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Is it possible to have dropdown list or any other thing which may work like showing alphabetically mating values.
In general excel does not do when blank cell comes in between. I have a master list of customers. In which new addition done frequently.
I need that list to use in everyday data entry jobs.
Sorry if I fails to convey what I want.
Please suggest

Dynamically load DataValidation List through Source field?

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I'm using the Data, Data Validation, List option to create a dropdown list in a cell that references a range in my worksheet.
However, the worksheet is very large that populates the dropdown.
Is there a way to filter or dynamically populate the dropdown using a wildcard such as using a function =VLOOKUP("A*", =$J:$J, 1,False) in the Source field to populate the dropdown with just the names that start with "A".

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Contact form with DropDown menu

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Very interesting contact form with DropDown menu you can modify it how ever you want because the code is very simple and easy to use.
- Custom subject message
- Collect IP Address of the sender
- Collect Browser info from the sender (browser name and version)
- Reply directly to the sender email address
- Check if all fields are filled
- Verify if @ is present in the email field
- Tab Index activated (when you hit tab to jump form field to field)
- DropDown menu (you can add or remove items from the menu)
- Reply the sent result (message sent or not sent).

PowerField: tuned search field

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PowerField is a tuned search field. Except from the default search capabilities, Powerfield can also solve mathematical equations, convert between different units and currencies and used as a launcher too!
Main idea:
Search is something which we can not live without ant this is the main reason why every web-page, blog, service and program has a text field for this purpose!
As everything evolves, this textfield has to evolve too. Why do I have to leave a webpage in order to calculate a total or in order to make a currency conversion?
Why I cant do those easy but valuable operations in the same textfield I use for searching? The answer to this question is PowerField!

Menu Dropdown jQuery

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Multilevel submenus
Create dropdown menus
Supports div dropdown on
Customizable CSS
Works in all browsers
Show on top of flash content
Moving Box when mouse Hover
3 steps to install

Search Engine Plus

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A Web based search engine which can read flat ASCII database file (csv format) exported from software such as MS Excel and MS Access using tab, comma or the pipe (|) character as the field delimitor.
All database fields are searchable. Both simple keywords search and multiple fields complex search (using "AND" operator) are supported.
Supports multi-screen search reports. You can tell the software how many items are to be displayed on each screen of the search report. Items in the search report can be displayed under alternate background colors.
Supports English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, French and many more language character sets via the setting of the "charset" parameter.

dbList: Database management grid

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Database management grid with record edit, delete, add, search, filter and export to excel, database and table dropdown selection, pages navigation, field sort and search in page.
This application fills a sortable, pageable html table with records from a database.
Features: database and table selection, records edit, delete, add, export, filter and search.
Now working with MS Access, MSSQL and MySQL databases.

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