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Scatter Plot Point Labels

Scatter Plot Point Labels

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I would like to make a scatter plot with X and Y parings and a name for each of the points that it creates. I have set up the data as such: X Y Label
12 34 Fall
13 37 Spring
5 15 Summer
6 15 Late Summer
12 50 Equinox
I can manually select each one and force the name to each point that is created by the paring. How can I make it so that the "label" in each row only applies to that point for the scatter plot without manually making 6 series in this example?

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Scatter Plot Labels

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Just wondering if anyone knows how to separately label scatter plots data points ?
i.e. Column A has 1, Column B has 2, Column C has "Name"
Using a scatter plot currently, it plots point (1,2) but assigns the label name 1. How can I get it so labels the point "Name" automatically?
I have about 20 points I need to do this for and I don't want to have to manually label all the points ?

Scatter Plot and Axes labels

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

if I have my data as Sl. Production Quality
and want to know who is in the high Production/High Quality, High Production/Low Quality etc. the 4 areas, I can use the xy scatter plot.
but the points which represent these data cannot be labeled. How do I know which point on the graph corresponds to which person (Sl. No.)?
How do I label data points in an XY Scatter plot?

Modify scale for lables on the X-axis of a scatter plot from Pivo

Free: Yes
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Modify scale for labels on the X-axis of a scatter plot from Pivot data
I need to increase the gap between my labels on the X axis in a scatter plot. They are too close and I can not read the labels unless I make them 4pt and zoom in to 200%. There are about 200 points on the X axis at .2 increments. I would like to be able to have labels for whole numbers only.
I can not use a fixed set of values by generating a dummy X-axis since the range changes as I apply the different filters.

How do I have unique data labels for points in a XY Scatter plot?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

If you select the entire data label column as the data label. it puts each one up for each data point. I need an individual data label for each point.
Right now what I do is make an individual data series for each point. which is very painful.

show 3 sets of data per data point in a scatter plot

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I would like to be able to plot the pieces of info for each data point in a scatter plot and have all the information appear when the mouse hovers above each point, i.e.: Name of School, percentage of test takers, percentage

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