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Scatter graph, how do I show overlapping points?

Scatter graph, how do I show overlapping points?

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I have a scatter graph with a number of points that over lap. How do I show them so that the reader can tell there are multiple points.

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Scatter Graph

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Struggling with an excel scatter graph for a project. The thing is that the x-axis has to be non-linear.
i.e the x axis reads 1 2 3 4 5 1 When I link to the source its is displaying two points on the graph one above the other. How do I fix this and get them in the order I want ?

labeling data points in a scatter graph

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I have a scatter graph from a series of labels with corresponding x/y values.
I want the labels to show up on the graph with each individual point. E.g.
Banana (5/9), Apple (4/10), Orange (2/3) etc. It should be very
straightforward! I have the list of labels in one column (Banana, Apple, Orange.), then their x value in the column next to them, then the y values in the next column. Why is it so difficult to create a simple well-labeled scatter chart from that?

why does sorting change a scatter plot graph?

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Why does the way a spread sheet is sorted change the look of a scatter plot graph? the graph is just a plot of two points, (X, Y) and these two points are defined by two columns for a given row. The two columns don't change, and the row all stays together, so why does it change where points are plotted out on the graph when you re-sort it?

How do I chart missing data points in a scatter graph?

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I'm trying to generate a scatter line graph that occasionally has data points with no value. Instead of treating these as zero or interpolating the missing data, is there a way to have the chart stop the line until there is an associated value?
Ideally, it would look something like this:

xy scatter charts - multiple points

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I want to make an xy scatter chart. However the data is categorical and therefore a number of points are in exactly the same location and do not show. I am looking for a function to stagger the points so it is possible to se how many there actually are, rather than just seeing one.

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AutoGRAPH Bar Graph Generator

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AutoGraph allows you to easily customize and set up graphs in seconds. All you need to set up your own bar graph is to resize the background box to your dimensions, and set how many bars as well as what information it needs to show. You can easily change margins, sizes, colors, text colors etc without diggin through the library or code.
Its perfect if you deal with bars or charts to display data for corporate clients. It cant get easier than this!

Blurry Light Dots Animation

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Background clip with smooth movement, random color, giving a kind of 3D feeling.
- You can easily change parameters
- You can determine the quantity, radius, color of dots
- You can change effect bubble, scatter, bounce, wave, bubble & scatter (Select random to random effect.)
- You can show/hide random color change
- The gradient background can be easily changed to any image you like

Animated Points Chart

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XML Animated Points Chart is completely generated in AS code using XML information
- You can set from AS the colors for caption and tool tip text
- You can edit general properties from XML
- The position of the chart.
- The width and height of the chart.
- Also can animate in a synchronized movement.
- Position for the captions
- Minimum and maximum values for Y axis.
- Interval value for grids in Y axis.
- Space between periods.
- Also can edit for each serie (XML)
- Light and Dark color for each serie
- Line color of the points
- The caption of the series
- You can add more periods and more series.

Points and Rewards Extension for Magento

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Sweet Tooth is turn-key points and rewards software for your Magento eCommerce store. As the world's most flexible rewards system, merchants can offer a completely unique, multi-channel loyalty and rewards program to their customers.

Advanced PHP Quiz and Rewards System

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This is a complete advanced php quiz and rewards website. You can do a lot of things here, some of them are described on this page, others you will just have to find them for yourself.
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